LCHS Freshman Academy assists student transition and success
By Alissa W. Todd, Assistant Principal

Posted on January 19, 2019 7:10 PM



For many Logan County High School students, the ninth grade year presents an almost insurmountable set of challenges as students leave their smaller, highly structured middle schools and enter large, comprehensive high schools. In Kentucky and in the United States most high schools continue to use the "sink or swim" approach for ninth grade students; administrators and teachers give students a short orientation and building tour, and then turn the students loose on the high school building with their schedules in hand.

Unfortunately, this system is simply not effective, and the result is that too many ninth grade students under-perform, become disconnected, or drop out of high school

Logan County High School Freshman Academy has been in existence since 2003. Freshman academies are small learning communities within large comprehensive high schools that isolate nine graders and establish a more intimate program. Without a traditional middle school in Logan County –the freshman academy gives incoming freshman the opportunity to become as “one” unit. It offers students the team concept – being placed on either blue or white cat team.

The freshman academy allows incoming ninth graders to become acclimated with high school in a smaller setting. The students stay within the academy the entire day– until their elective time, which is the last block of the day. It also allows first year high school students special attention and fewer outside distractions from upperclassmen. The academy offers Biology, ALG 1, GEO, ENG 1, Integrated Social Studies, Visual and Performing Humanities.

Another benefit the freshman academy offers is the intervention program. When a student is failing two or more classes – the student is placed on intervention list. When a student is on intervention, he or she is assigned a mentor, one of their teachers, and has weekly progress checks as well as being put on the counselors’ watch list. Also, another part of the intervention plan is team meetings - the student’s teachers, administrators and parents meet as a collaborative team to hopefully resolve the issues causing the failing grades. This results in a positive impact on student achievement.

Finally, the freshman academy offers core aspects that contribute to a healthy climate and culture for incoming ninth graders. The positive teacher- student interactions, engaged and connected students, and clear, consistent expectations are only a few of the benefits that make this concept at Logan County High School a success.


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