New practice range gives Russellville Archery space to grow
By Ariana Nickell, The Paw Print

Posted on January 18, 2020 3:27 PM


During the months of late October to early June, some students realize it’s time to let their arrows fly. In that period, many days are spent practicing along with spending various weekends at tournaments. 

However, in recent years the team hasn’t received a permanent practice space. The past few seasons the team has started in the facility and then moved to the middle school gym after basketball season. But this season the Russellville Archery Team just received a new practice area to call their home. In the old trade school building, there is an area set aside just for a new permit range.

The new location is behind the baseball field, in the new R21C. All coaches, archers, and parents included are excited to watch the team make it their own space. This includes setting up a range, displaying various accomplishments, and spending practice time together as a team. 

At the end of last season’s banquet, the team was introduced to the new space. While walking through the center, team members sensed that a new excitement was built up for the next season. This space is used for the new practice center. During the summer break, the transformation of the center began. All the walls were painted, the floors were cleaned, trash taken out, and smaller details added.

After the center was finished it looked like a completely different space. A new permanent range with storage is set up for the team to practice with. The area was introduced to the team for the new season during the informational meetings for parents and archers. 

During the 2019-2020 season the team practices every day. With having the new space the team can make the most out of their practice time. Having a setup range reduces the time spent on setting up every day. Everyone is just able to come in and get started. In the tournament season, the team goes to 3D and bullseye tournaments. The center allows for the team to have their lines on the floor to easily change the type of targets they shoot. 3D is when you shoot animals that range from 10 to 15 meters across a diagonal line. Easily being able to change the targets out and move quivers around allows for more time to practice. 

The new center impacts the program’s archers by giving them the space to grow. Students from fourth to twelfth grade have the opportunity to join the team at the beginning of every new season. Having space allows for the program to grow and expand for new opportunities for archers. Archers now have the flexibility of being able to choose their practice time. Being able to grow and have space allows for more archers on the team. When having more on the team it allows opportunities for team members with other extracurricular activities to still have practice time. Along with allowing more practice time for archers who want to spend the extra time.


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