RHS art teacher Chris Holloman inspires his students
By Erica Sells, The Paw Print

Posted on January 18, 2020 6:04 PM


By Erica Sells

Chris Holloman, the art teacher at Russellville High School, is quite the character. From his inspirational room to his colorful personality, Mr. Holloman is like no other. He has action figures and posters filling every corner of his room, some very interesting after-school activities, and a compelling origin story.

All of the art students have seen the collectibles around Mr. Holloman’s room. Some may say it’s a bit cluttered, but that’s not how he sees it. Mr. Holloman’s likes things that are visually pleasing. He tries to fill his room with objects that may stimulate his students’ minds. He wants these objects to inspire his students. The students in Mr. Holloman’s class are usually chatting and asking questions because they feel inspired. So, one could say that his method is working.

While Mr. Holloman was at Murray State University, he joined the fencing club. There, he learned Olympic Style fencing. After leaving college, he began learning about Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) and found out that his friend was learning about HEMA as well. They created a fencing team in Nashville and now they compete in HEMA events. If he could, he would move to Slovakia for a few years to train under a professional fencer named Michael Fabian.

As a child, Mr. Holloman had been very interested in art, he was always drawing or creating something. His mother, who is an artist as well, encouraged his interest in art by taking him to art classes. That interest turned into a divine calling. He felt it was his duty to teach kids. He truly cares for his students.

All in all, Mr. Holloman is a good book to read. He had his future right in front of him, even as a child. He works hard and loves the work he does. He is plenty active outside of school.

Chris Holloman has been at RHS for six years, here’s to at least six more. 


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