Profiling our success: LCHS leadership in 2020
By Elijah Hopkins

Posted on March 4, 2020 8:18 PM



As part of Logan County’s Profile of Success initiative, journalism students of Ryan Bailey were encouraged by Assistant Principal Alissa Todd to write Profiles of Success articles. This compilation by Elijah Hopkins was chosen for publication.

At the beginning of the year, Logan County was ranked in the top five schools in the region, and has only continued to grow and succeed. Ranging from academics to clubs and athletics, students from all walks of life have broken records, won awards, and been recognized at the state level. Logan County has taken already excellent students, and helped push them further into achieving greatness.

The school’s athletic programs have shown the same consistent strengths of years prior, as well as growing in not only skill, but in their sportsmanship as well. Our coaches have helped their athletes become stronger students and members of the community, leading them to many championships and various broken records, including Anthony (Rooster) Woodard breaking the receiving touchdown record in a single game, Jay Hardison breaking the record for three-pointers in one game, and the archery team not only breaking a school record once, but twice.

However, not all of LCHS’ leaders are staff and coaches. Some of the greatest leaders in the school are not in our teachers, but our school’s athletes.

Tristan Blake is the prime example of this kind of leadership. Every student would agree that Tristan would be there to uphold the mantle of leadership, guiding them to success, and helping them in their struggles. They have shown great tolerance, kindness, and maturity, which have allowed them to excel in helping their peers while making Logan County a better place.

Logan County has also emboldened students to reach great academic achievements.

Many students have attained ACT scores of a 30 or above, due to the many test-taking strategies, tutoring courses, and curriculum offered by the school. Additionally, students have been able to achieve high-level scholarships as well. The guidance office isdetermined to make sure the scholarships are known and available to the students, as well as helping them understand what their options are after high school.

Christian Hines was a finalist for the prestigious Cherry Presidential Scholarship and also earned the Cornelius Martin scholarship for Western Kentucky University.

Kennedy Nichols is another prized student, who, in addition to being named SKYCTC’s Player of the Game in the first round of the girls regional basketball tournament, also earned the William C. Parker scholarship at the University of Kentucky.

One of the many helpful programs the administration has put into place is the Profile of Success. Over their four years of high school, students will be tasked with reflection, growth, and success during their time here. This will allow them to take a full understanding of their time here and apply it to their post-high school plans. The Class of 2020 is the first group of students to work on this project, and even though they were not assigned the task until three months before graduation, they have taken advantage of this opportunity to reflect on the value of their courses and, generally, the previous four years prior to facing graduation.

Logan County has continued, as always, to help students maximize their potential and grow as members and leaders of the community. The school has shown excellence in their various programs, allowing it to be considered one of the leaders in the region. With the combined efforts of the administration, teachers, and, most importantly, the students, Logan County has shown everyone what excellence truly is.

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