What to do if you test positive for COVID-19
By Ashli McCarty, Barren River Health

Posted on October 30, 2020 10:09 AM


The Barren River District Health Department’s disease investigation team is working diligently in order to keep up with the growing COVID-19 cases in our district. The Barren River District, along with other parts of Kentucky and the United States, is currently experiencing an increase in positive cases and we ask for the cooperation of our communities in order to help control the spread of the virus as we continue providing disease and contact investigation.

Due to the high volume of positive cases, we have a delay in our ability to communicate with each individual case and their contacts. Due to this delay, we are asking you to take personal responsibility and do the following if you test positive:

•Stay home (except to get medical care) and don’t invite others in until you get a call from the health department.

•Have members of your household stay home.

•Tell your close contacts that they may have been exposed to COVID-19. An infected person can spread COVID-19 two days before the person feels sick or tests positive. By letting your close contacts know they may have been exposed to COVID-19, you are helping to protect everyone.

Visit https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/if-you-are-sick/quarantine.html for the definition of a close contact. Contacts to a positive case should do the following:

•Stay home (except to get medical care) and do not invite others in until you get a call from the health department.

•If you become sick, get tested. When seeking medical care, inform the provider you have been exposed to COVID-19.

•Even if you test negative for COVID-19 or feel healthy, you should stay home (quarantine) since symptoms may appear 2 to 14 days after exposure to the virus.

BRDHD will be in communication with all positive cases and their contacts as quickly as possible. By working together, we can help stop the spread of COVID-19 and save lives by each doing our part. For more information on what to do if you or someone you know tests positive, please visit www.barrenriverhealth.org.

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