Start of football playoffs delayed one week
By Julian Tackett, KHSAA Commissioner

Posted on November 7, 2020 12:16 PM

It goes without saying that we are in the midst of issues with our state and the current status of the pandemic. And I have stated all along that our decisions would be made at the time with the eye toward the best interest of students. And while it may be a calculated strategic decision that in time, we feel was not the best path, we have to make decisions based on today's information because tomorrow is so unknown.

For this reason, the start of the KHSAA football playoffs is being pushed back one week. While one week won't see this virus subside, it will give our senior school administrators and those involved with the programs a chance to review situations and see where positive test numbers go in the next short period of time. 

It isn’t just about the few ongoing quarantines, it’s about 82 counties Friday being defined as “red” including the vast majority of the east. It's about giving our schools time to deal with the issues around athletics which are not identical to the issues around the school day and as such, may need separate local discussions. Ideally, this will give them time to review their situations, and hopefully see some progress. This will also allow them to further review with their health departments, decide where to play, etc. in time to also see some adjustment in case numbers. 


The review will be ongoing as has been all along, and it is possible substantial changes could be made as needed in future days and weeks.

In the meantime, schools and school systems should review site strategies, seating capacities, and all other facets of the likely contest(s) during this interim period and certainly remind students that what they do outside of the practice and game field can have a tremendous impact on themselves and all around them. It is highly advised that all levels of school administration be in on hosting decisions and use this interim time to play out various "what if" scenarios based on hopefully changing data.

Here are a few points to consider going forward-

·The first round will begin with the weekend of November 19-20-21.

·A reminder that teams are permitted to schedule contests this season after elimination (or withdrawal) HOWEVER THERE IS A MORATORIUM ON HOLDING GAMES THE WEEKEND OF NOVEMBER 11/12-13-14. NO CONTESTS SHOULD BE SCHEDULED THIS WEEK. 

· If you find possible errors in the standings, first check the schedule of your results to ensure accuracy and if those issues remain, report those issues to the office.

·The bracket builder for 2020 is again listed online at but should be considered a draft at this point due to withdrawals.

·Teams may voluntarily withdraw from the playoffs without penalty using the FB144 form distributed yesterday. If you do need to withdraw, please submit the form

·Any team that has submitted the FB144 and desires to withdraw that form should contact me immediately.

·If a seeded team withdraws and other district teams remain in the alignment, those teams not qualifying from earlier from within that district will be given an opportunity to enter the bracket.

·If there are withdrawals during the process, the bracket pod (district) will be re-seeded up to a point, after which the withdrawal will simply create a bye. We need to give schools at least a couple of days to sort out current situations. The status of the statistics around the virus will drive that "point" which we will announce early this week. Setting artificial deadlines and boundaries has not worked with this virus and the data around it for sure.

·We will continue to keep you informed.


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