Schools' faculty and staff recognized as 'selfless servants'
By James Milam, Chairman, Russellville Board of Education

Posted on February 11, 2021 8:18 PM


I don't often make public statements. Sometimes circumstances demand it.

I keep seeing stories of teachers and other school personnel, primarily in the big cities, snatching at every straw to avoid returning to school. Not so here. Our teachers and other school personnel are grasping at every opportunity, and creating new ones, to serve our students in every way possible.

They want to return to school and in the meantime are finding any way fathomable to carry out their roles. Whether they be teachers, foodservice providers, bus drivers, administrators, or any other staff member, they serve with eagerness and without complaint.

Be thankful for those who serve in our districts. I see some of this as they do the little things that are really big things, the encouragement, the extra hours, the addictive pride, and so much more.

Community, be proud of these selfless servants. They care.

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