Lewisburg leaders model the way
By Kelly Lewis, Lewisburg School Counselor

Posted on December 17, 2021 9:41 PM



Lewisburg School had several middle school students apply to be on the 2021-2022 Principal Task Force, a group of students who work with Principal Dr. Matthews and School Counselor Kelly Lewis to provide student voice for school-based decisions. Twenty students were selected to serve on the Principal Task Force, and they are off to an amazing start this year.

Principal Task Force members meet weekly at school to discuss events, vote on ideas, and develop their leadership skills. This year, Dr. Matthews and Mrs. Lewis chose to have the Principal Task Force members participate in The Student Leadership Challenge, a platform used to teach students five exemplary practices that will enhance their leadership skills and prepare them for future leadership roles.

For the first nine weeks of the school year, members have focused on the first component of The Student Leadership Challenge, Model The Way. During their first meeting, members identified their individual values and brainstormed to determine the values they want to exemplify for the entire student body. The core values that our Principal Task Force members are focusing on this year include kindness, respect, teamwork, responsibility, and leadership. Collectively, all members are creating school-wide initiatives that model those specific values while also developing a shared vision.

To model kindness and respect, Principal Task Force members voted to participate in Kentucky’s Kindness Week, which was celebrated November 8-11. Each morning, members read positive affirmations during morning announcements. They also encouraged all students to participate in activities and challenges that focused on gratitude, teamwork, wellness, respect, and mindfulness. Since participating in Kindness Week, members have voted to announce morning affirmations each week for all students, an idea initiated by 6th grader Blake Curry.

Other activities that members have been involved with so far this year include volunteering in our Ranger Store, picking up the playground weekly for our young students, and participating in our recent Veteran’s Day Program. In September, members partnered with Hickory Hill Florist and Garden Center to sell mums in order to raise funds for school improvements. They have also started working on a community service project for the holiday season.

All activities and ideas are developed and voted on by the student leaders. It is wonderful watching this student-led group work collaboratively to set a great example for our entire school community. They are all certainly growing into empowered learners and contributing team members.

 In February 2022, the Principal Task Force will travel to Bowling Green for the annual Idea Festival, a conference at Western Kentucky University hosted by The Center for Gifted Studies that allows leaders to participate in interactive and innovative activities while also having the opportunity to learn from national entrepreneurs and scholars. Dr. Matthews also plans on taking all members to Frankfort in the Spring to participate in the Student Leadership Challenge and visit the state capitol.

“We will spend two days in Frankfort working with Dr. Rhonda Caldwell and the KASA staff on the Student Leadership Challenge,” explained Matthews. “It is a wonderful opportunity to learn about leadership and reflect on our own practices.”

The Principal Task Force was formed six years ago, and we are proud of their accomplishments and contributions to Lewisburg School. We look forward to another successful year for our student leaders, and we know they will continue to do great things for our school and our community.

Show in the group picture are,  Front row: Blake Curry, Kaylee Poe, Allie Kitchens, Slatyn Case, Harrison Kerr; middle row: Hannah Holloway, Brianna Lott, Weston Wright, Mya Winder, Kristy Lutz, Cash Spurlin, Kyra Cowan; and top row: Haley Henson, Kirsten Harris, Casey Slaughter, Olivia Atkinson, Maddox Taylor, Lexi Coursey and Emma Boisseau.

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