Grover Corum started work here as 4-H Agent
By J. Henry Duncan

Posted on December 28, 2021 10:56 AM

Auburn’s Grover Corum, 95, died in early December, after a life filled with accomplishments. Among his achievements emphasized in his obituary were his role as a founder of Logan Telephone Cooperative and Auburn Nursing Center. It did not mention the position which brought him to Logan County, J Henry Duncan was one of the young 4-H members he led as assistant county agricultural agent. Duncan is retired after a long and distinguished career working for the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture.

Mr. Grover Corum was very special to me, as he was my 4-H Agent, encouraging us members to excel in our projects and programs.: George Duncan, Currie Barrow, Jane Brown, Alice Perdue, Jimmy Simmons, Ed Price, Carolyn Ham, Fran Belcher, Ella Stinson, J Henry Duncan, Coren Estes and others. His trips with us to 4-H Week in Lexington instilled in us a long -time commitment to the UK College of Agriculture.

His many personal accomplishments and leadership work in his adopted Logan County so many years ago, following his UK Agent Assignment, seem to overshadow any listing in his obituary of those few years that he served as a 4-H (Youth ) Agent .... but to us youngsters (4-H Members) who were following his guidance and encouragement with projects and events, there is no limit of words that can be attributed to the value of such a Youth leader!

My one disappointment is that I did not take time in recent years to look up Mr. Corum and express how much I appreciate his 4-H leadership so many years ago! 


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