Annual Christmas Candlelight Service at Red River set Sunday
By Tom and Dreama Ruley

Posted on December 1, 2023 8:19 PM


Our annual Christmas Candlelight Service at Red River Meetinghouse will be held this Sunday at 4 p.m. Living historian and Red River Meetinghouse regular Robert Operia will speak.

Devotional services are held the first Sunday of each month at 3 p.m. The December service is delayed an hour for people who have been attending the annual Shochoh Christmas Parade and community gathering to attend


PICNIC PAVILION: It is finished, beautiful and was dedicated to the Lord's service at our Annual Meeting in September. We purchased 10 tables and every table was sponsored. We appreciate all our donors and their contributions. God bless you!

DAY OF PRAYER: Inspired by the wonderful working of God at the Asbury Revival, we decided it would be beneficial to have a Day of Prayer on Feb. 22, 2023 at the meetinghouse. Posting on Facebook was the only advertisement we had, yet many people heard and came to seek the Lord. It was a wonderful 12 hours of worship and prayer. Some came just in obedience to the Lord, not knowing we would be there. Shamirah Nakazzi helped with prayer and ministry in the meetinghouse. “The beauty of the day was that prayers were prayed, singing and preaching were heard, hope was reinstated, and the hearts of God's people was stirred, changed and awakened. God was praised and glorified in it all.” said Darlynn Moore in her account of the day.

SPRING CAMP: About six families camped on the cold weekend of April 21-23. A memorial service was held in honor of Norm Poppy, who died in December 2022. He was a man of God who touched many lives.

While we were there a truck and trailer came into the camp carrying the first of the picnic tables. The Ag teacher came out to deliver not knowing if anyone would be there to welcome him. He had lost Richard's number so he couldn't call ahead. Our group was excited to see him and help unload the tables. We felt like it was God who inspired the teacher to bring the tables when he did. Our new pavilion and tables are beautiful and have already been used for group picnics.

Robert Operia preached on Sunday morning about how each of us is a 'preacher' and those we deal with everyday are our 'church'. Beth Adams had a horrible cough the entire weekend, yet when she led the worship on Sunday morning, her cough was absent.

CLEAN UP DAY: Many things were accomplished on May 27, 2023. The meetinghouse, outhouse and restrooms were blown out by Diane Krulik. New mulch was laid on the path by JD and Donna Shelton. The storage/electrical room was cleaned, reorganized and caulked by Richard and Darlynn Moore, Dreama Ruley, Donna Poteet and Shamirah Nakazzi. Tom Ruley, James Taylor, Joe Krulik, Gail Owens, David Wilkins, Rich and Charlie Moore cleaned up the fence row and trimmed trees. Billy Wilkerson used his GPR to find unmarked graves and found a mass grave that is probably Cholera victims from the 1800s. It was a huge surprise to us. If anyone has any information on when and why this mass grave was used, please share that information with us.

It was a pleasure to use the new picnic tables for our lunch.

HOW TO GIVE: RRMH is tax deductible. We accept personal checks made out to “Red River Meetinghouse and Cemetery” and you can use Paypal on our website. Thank you for your past contributions and generous support.

SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT: In May a delegation from South Korea came to the U. S. for the sole purpose of praying for the American church. When the lead pastor, Choi Hyunsoo announced for his congregants to fast and pray about being part of the delegation, each one who felt led to travel here also paid their own way. They split into 40 groups that spread from the west to the east, and north to south. Steven Ray gave one group a tour of the three sites of the Great Revival of 1800. They began the journey at RRMH with a wonderful service of worship and prayer. It was a beautiful, humbling, inspiring experience for all of us.

ONE OF OUR OWN: Mike Meador passed away on May 19, 2023. Mike would bring his tools for trade to the Spring Blanket Trade Days. He will be greatly missed. He and his wife, Pat, have always been an encouragement to us.

LADIES PRAYER DAY: June 24 Shamirah Nakazzi led a group of ladies in worship and prayer. This was Shamirah's first time bringing the Word and Goanny Rodriguez first time leading worship without the accompaniment of a praise band. The group was blessed and enjoyed having a picnic. The day was extra special because a small group of ladies who came to visit RRMH did not know church was taking place but were glad they came. During the cleanup, their children went into the meetinghouse and their joyous singing could be heard from the pavilion.

OTHER GROUPSWildfire Ministries held a revival in May and in October. A women's prayer group came in June to pray led by Tammy Liverance. Women at War launched their first ever event in February and June. Two homeschool groups came in the spring for field trips. A family used the grounds for their daughter's baptism. Regeneration from Nashville came in May. Bible studies happen a lot and we are thrilled to have the tables available.

BOOKS FOR SALE: Melanie Meadow's historical fictions The Waking Up and the sequel, They Roared Like Lions, which is set in the revival of 1801 at Cane Ridge, KY.

Dreama Ruley's Camping Memories is a book of stories from the first 20 years of the annual fall event.

Glenda Orme Clark's A Table in the Frontier: Pioneers, Protestants & the Presence of God: Amazing Events and Astonishing First-Hand Accounts of the Second Great Awakening in Kentucky and Tennessee.

All of these books can be purchased through Amazon, The Grapevine, and at The Shops at 110, both in Adairville, and at Mustard Seed Marketplace in Franklin, KY.

President Richard Moore’s CornerI stand amazed that the Lord provided 10 picnic tables for the pavilion that was built last November 2023. We put our request out for 10 and the Lord provided these through 10 folks who gave money toward each one. It was a wonderful day to see those picnic tables come to RRMH and be placed in the pavilion.. In reading this newsletter, you were made aware of how the picnic tables have been used. We have even heard of an individual using a picnic table for her Bible study. We are beyond blessed to know that people are being fed physically and spiritually using these tables.

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