Local men with wide appeal to be featured at Red River
By Darlynn Moore

Posted on September 3, 2014 3:44 PM

The Red River Meeting House and Cemetery Association’s annual meeting will be Sunday, Sept. 14 with a potluck dinner on the grounds beginning at 1 p.m. followed by a service at 2 p.m. Speakers will include Derek Guyer and Greg Coker.

Derek Guyer, his wife Lisa, and their six children live in Auburn. As a couple, they have been ministering to broken marriages across the country for more than seven years. Derek has been invited into churches, camps, and homes all around the country to teach seminars and retreats.

Derek's faith began taking root while being raised as a preacher's kid and has grown and blossomed since he's been called to serve and help struggling homes. He is passionate in his pursuit of God and His living word. This passion is evident in his teaching and his lifestyle. When he's not ministering to marriages and loving on his family, you'll find him working in his wood shop building reclaimed furniture and home decorations, illustrating pictures into leather or into a recently published children's book, Under the Silvery Moon.

Derek will be sharing his musical talent with us that day, as he also enjoys singing lead with his quartet, Big Time, and the local chorus, The Spirit of the Commonwealth.  For more information on Derek Guyer, visit his website at www.derekguyer.com

Greg Coker is the founder of The Cathedral Institute: a full-service leadership development and consulting firm on Empowering People, Building Teams, Transforming Organizations and Changing the World.  He is also the author of Building Cathedrals: The Power of Purpose and travels the country delivering the keynote speech and conducting workshops based on the principles of leadership, employee engagement, culture and purpose, the focal point of his book.  He and his wife Nicki have two children, Will and Abby, and live in Franklin. 

Check out the website at www.thecathedralinstitute.com for more information.

Everyone is welcome to attend. Please contact Richard Moore, president, at 270-539-6528 if you have any questions.


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