Logan County Archery recording big numbers, high placements

Posted on January 28, 2019 8:10 PM

The Logan County High School Archery Team has participated in four tournaments in the last three weekends. Posting 2 First place and 2 Second place finishes. Two of the tournaments were state qualifiers in Bullseye and 3D. The 3D score of 1664 posted by LCHS is the second highest ranked score in the state so far in 2019. Their three scores of 3349, 3357, 3328 ranked them in the top 20 in the state for Bullseye. Individual finishes in all four tournaments are as follows:
Auburn Tournament - Team Score: 3349
Female: Brett Knifley 1st - Top Overall Female, CJ Raymer 2nd
Male: Clacy White 4th
Chandlers Tournament - Team Score: 3357
Female: Rhonda Reeves 1st - Top Overall Female, CJ Raymer 2nd, Kaylen Skipworth 3rd. Emma Allen 4th, Brett Knifley 5th
Male: Clacy White 1st, Michael Drake 4th, Mark Lynch 5th
Russellville Tournament - Team Score: 3328
Female: Rhonda Reeves 3rd
Male: Jaden Hayes 4th
LCHS 3D Tournament - Team Score: 1664
Female: Chloe Watkins 1st - Top Overall Female, CJ Raymer 2nd, Skylyn Stratton 3rd, Lindsay Allen 4th, Kaylen Skipworth 5th
Male: Michael Drake 1st - Top Overall Male, Jaden Hayes 2nd, Justin Pearson 3rd, Clacy White 4th

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