Foster, Lee, Colbert, Rayno, Smotherman lead local archers at nationals
By Jim Turner

Posted on January 1, 0001 12:00 AM

A total of 36 archers representing Logan County Schools finished in the top half of their age groups in the NASP National Tournament in Louisville May 13-14. Teams from Lewisburg, Adairville and Chandlers elementary and middle schools along with Logan County High School competed.
Top local finishers in their age group and gender were Kaitlyn Foster of Lewisburg 5th, Sydney Lee of Chandlers (7th), Austin Rayno of Adairville (10th), Jenny Colbert of Adairville (12th), Austin Smotherman of LCHS (13th), Tyler Appling of LCHS (16th), Jackson Wells of Lewisburg (32nd), Darren Anderson of Lewisburg (38th), D.J. Lee of LCHS (52nd ), Maegan Ferguson of Adairville (81st), Joseph Hallman of Adairville (98th), John York of Lewisburg (99th), Christina Farmer of LCHS (101st), Tristen Chestnut of Chandlers (125th), Marah Harris of LCHS (128th), Danielle Wikerson of LCHS and Katelyn Romero of LCHS.
Names of local competitors follow, with placements of those who were in the top half of their age group:
4th Graders: Sydney Lee,
Lewisburg, 7th of 280: Darren Anderson, Lewisburg, 38th of 144; Madison Collins, Lewisburg, 48th of 280:Sarah Montgomery, Chandlers. 72nd of 183; Kaylee Yakuboff, Lewisburg, 77th of 280; Kaylen Wood, Lewisburg, 102nd of 280;Maria Wells, 116th of 280; Ian Scott, Lewisburg, 127th of 288; Caleb Jenkins, Chandlers; Adam Flick, Chandlers; Mackenzie Yabuboff, Lewisburg; Nathan Roberts, Chandlers ; Taylor Cross, Chandlers; Haven Woodall, Chandlers.
5th Graders: Kaitlyn Foster
, Lewisburg, 5th of 280; Austin Rayno, Adairville, 10th of 438; Braden Stranger, Chandlers, 34th of 438;Alyssa Lowe, Chandlers, 37th of 280; Madison Collins, Lewisburg, 48th ofDeserae Tucker, Chandlers.54th of 280; Preeton Knight,Adairville, 60th of 280; Cara Stranger, Chandlers.97th of 280; Brent Anderson, Lewisburg, 123rd of 438; Cody McElfresh,Lewisburg, 155th of 438; Brilee Thomas, Lewisburg, 181st of 438; Ross Coursey, Lewisburg; Caleb Hardison, Lewisburg; Nathan Dotson, Lewisburg; Ben DeArmond, Chandler; Brett Thomas, Chandler; Cheyenne Brown, Chandlers; Kayla Thomas, Chandlers;Samuel Noe, Adairville
6th Graders: John York, Lewisburg, 99th of 812; Blake Taylor, Lewisburg, 112th of 812; Aaron Baugh, Lewisburg, 123rd 812; Tristen Chestnut, Chandlers. 125th of 524; Dusty Coker, Chandlers, 190th of 812 ; Binkley Warren, Adairville, 226th of 524; Dakota O’Dell,Chandlers, 220th of 524; Caitlin Hardison¸ Lewisburg; Blake Hopkins, Lewisburg ; C.W. Simmons, Chandlers; Peyton Flick, Chandlers; A.J. Simmons, Chandlers; Gunnar Gloyd, Adairville; Jake Shoemake, Chandlers; Joseph VanCleave, Chandlers; Seth Cole, Chandlers
7th Graders: Meagan Ferguson,
Adairville,81st of 465; Joseph Hallman, Adairville, 98th of 662; Shaun Manning, Lewisburg, 106th of 662; Grace McLellan, Adairville,117th of 465; Alex Hughes, Adairville, 167th of 662; Will Robey, Adairville, 253rd of 662; Audrey Wells, Lewisburg; William Bagby, Lewisburg; Zac McElfresh, Lewisburg; Wynn Perry, Adairville; Dylan Byrum, Adairville; Christian Lynch, Adairville; Kevin Bailey, Lewisburg ; Noah Wells, Lewisburg; Sam Knight, Adairville
8th Graders: Jenny Colbert,
Adairville, 12th of 204; Jackson Wells, Lewisburg , 22nd of 601; Taylor Blakemore, Adairville, 49th of 601; Dakota Smith, Adairville, 153rd of 601; Hunter Gloyd, Adairville, 180th of 601;Nicholas Stuart, Lewisburg, 277th of 601; Becca McElfresh, Lewisburg; Madison Westbrook, Lewisburg; Chelsea Johnson, Lewisburg; Sierra Morris, Lewisburg
: (all LCHS) D.J. Lee, 52nd of 405; Marah Harris, 128st of 278; Daniel Noe, 130th of 278; Lane Woodward, Trevor Brown, Amanda Keith, Jacob Brumfield, Seth Stratton
(all LCHS) Austin Smotherman, 13th of 369; Dillion Crafton, 32nd of 369; Kaleb Taylor, 142nd of 369 ; Christiana Farmer, 101st of 369; Kristin Hudson, Jordan Huff, Jon-Clarc Todd, Brandon Hunt
(all LCHS) Tyler Appling, 16th of 257; David Foster, Danielle Wikerson, Jennifer Gibbs
(all LCHS) Katelyn Romero, Kalee Moore

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