Cocoa got me
By Paula Clark

Posted on January 1, 0001 12:00 AM

She bounded through the open front door and planted her front paws on my knees and gave  me the “Gotcha! You're mine!" look. It was love at first sight. A lively, wiry 21-pound Westie Terrier captured my heart in an instant, and right then Ray knew that I was going shopping for a new doggie bed (pink, of course), doggie treats, and doggie toys.


Cocoa is a rescue dog who has found her ‘furever’ home with us, one of the many adoptions from Heaven Can Wait Animal Rescue, located just off the Orndorff Mill Road.


Her previous owners moved and left “no forwarding address.” She was left without food, water, and shelter. The mail carrier had watched her for a few days, picked her up, and the rest is history. Through the efforts of Home Away from Home, Cocoa found herself in Heaven Can Wait’s loveable foster homes until she gave birth to her puppies—sadly, only one of her litter lived. The stress of being homeless and hungry caused Cocoa to develop Herpes, a condition passed to her puppies.


Before becoming our Cocker Spaniel’s “furever” sister, Heaven Can Wait made absolutely sure that Cocoa was a healthy pet with all of her shots up to date, and, most importantly, spayed.  An additional five pounds and six months later, she is an energetic “terror” who steals all of Buddy’s toys, constantly vies for attention, and wants to be part of every activity, including pool time. Oh by the way, Buddy, our Cocker Spaniel, is totally devoted to her.


At night, she “woofs” in her sleep. In her dreams, I think that she sees herself addressing a corporate board dressed in a Chanel suit and a pair of Jimmy Choos or practicing her ballet steps dressed in a pink tutu complete with a sparkling tiara between her ears.


Cocoa is one of hundreds of "furever” adoptions through Heaven Can Wait, a no-kill shelter. This past summer, the directors celebrated their 500th rescue. When a person adopts from Heaven Can Wait, he or she is getting a healthy pet. Many dogs brought to Heaven Can Wait have no medical history, and the organization must start with the basic vaccinations. Sadly, more dogs have been owner-surrendered with Parvo or heartworm. Treatment for these dogs is very expensive, yet Heaven Can Wait finds the funds to pay for the vaccinations and treatments. Petey is an excellent example of a dog which Heaven Can Wait has treated for heartworm, and he has just been adopted by his “furever” parents.


This Saturday, Sept. 28, stop by Tractor Supply in Russellville and visit with the volunteers and the loveable, adoptable dogs of Heaven Can Wait.  Just maybe some furry dog will have a gleam in its eye that says “Gottcha! You’re mine!”

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