City schools receive another major Reading grant
By Conrad Reding, Russellville Schools

Posted on October 13, 2021 3:41 PM


On Oct. 1, the district was awarded by the U.S. Department of Education its third Innovative Approaches to Literacy (IAL) grant in the amount of $4.2 million dollars. The new grant period is for a period of five years, extending through September 2026.

Since 2016, the Russellville Independent School District has been awarded approximately $7.9 million from the IAL to place thousands of books into the hands of our students for their personal, home libraries and into our own school libraries. Also, the grants have also allowed us to broaden literacy experiences for everyone, including our employees, parents, and community members who live in the city of Russellville.

These grants have been made possible through the efforts of Dr. Steve Moats and our District Literacy Coaches. Their efforts have been critical to the grant approvals and management throughout these past six years.

We have utilized these funds in efforts to expand and support our schools’ focus on literacy while shifting to the streets, mobile home parks, community centers, churches, and anywhere else our families and students gather. 

We will continue to address all levels of literacy from birth to 12th-grade by working toward three broad goals: All young children ready to read. All elementary and middle school students are excellent, accelerated readers. And all secondary students are reading to learn.

By doing so, the Russellville community, then, is the “core” of our projects and efforts. Over the years, we desire to become A Community of Reading Engagement, Exploration, and Excellence.

Award Amounts by Year
2016 - $1,500,000
2018 - $2,240,000
2021 - $4,200,000


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