Some Logan roads closed because of flooding
By Wes Watt

Posted on February 23, 2019 6:56 PM

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District 3 area has been impacted by heavy rains tonight following a rainy week as well. Motorists should be very cautious if out on the roadways tonight and tomorrow. There is lots of water on roadways and hydroplaning is a major concern.

Numerous roadways are closed due to flooding with more expected overnight into tomorrow. Three of them are in Logan County. They are KY 107 MP 4.5, KY 1153 MP 4.2 and KY 3201 MP 0.6. Also included is part of KY 103, which leads from Auburn into Simpson County.

Roadways can become flooded and unflooded very quickly so motorists need to be on the lookout. Motorists should also be on the lookout for water running across roadways and ponding water. These things will be very hard to see in the overnight hours.

Areas around creeks, rivers, low water fords and other water areas are likely to be flooded. In those areas water can reach way up the banks and motorists could drive upon the water much earlier than anticipated. Motorists should never attempt to drive through possible high water.

Our District 3 crews are monitoring roadways as best they can and are putting up barricades and road closed signs when necessary.

Motorists should never drive around these barricades or ignore signs. These barricades and signs should not be moved. It is very dangerous to move barricades and signs as they are there for a warning to motorists.

The following roads are the most updated list of state roads in the District 3 area that are closed due to flooding:

Allen County

KY 585 MP 6-7

Butler County

KY 403 MP 4-5

Edmonson County

KY 655 MP 2-3

Logan County

KY 107 MP 4.5

KY 1153 MP 4.2

KY 3201 MP 0.6

Monroe County

KY 214 ferry is closed

Simpson County

KY 103 MP 0-1.5

Warren County

KY 1435 MP 11-12


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