Logan County Haybale Trail entries, voting procedures detailed
By Dee Dee Brown, Tourism Commission Executive Director

Posted on October 10, 2019 1:03 PM

                                      2019 Logan County Haybale Trail

             Proudly Sponsored by The Logan Co Tourism Commission

               (Category Noted: S=School, B=Business, I=Individual, *Added After deadline)



*Stevenson Elementary-1000 N Main St, Russellville

1.IGA-113 Armory Dr, Russellville-B

*Southern Sass Hair Studio-237 E 6th St, Russellville

2.Riley White-153 NW Park Square, Russellville-B

3.Historic Logan County Courthouse- 200 W 4th ST, Russellville-B

4.First Southern National Bank-88 S Bethel St, Russellville-B

5.Trembley Pool & Spa-231 Hopkinsville Rd, Russellville-B

6.Lost River Creamery-245 Hopkinsville Rd, Russellville-B

7.Auburn Bank(Russellville)-404 Hopkinsville Rd, Russellville-B

8.Emerson Electric-150 Emerson Bypass, Russellville-B

9.Lewisburg Bank(Russellville)-780 Hopkinsville Rd, Russellville-B

10.Steenbergen Home-3571 Morgantown Rd, Russellville-I

11.Taylor Home-4245 Bucksville Rd, Auburn-I



12.Ross Home-497 Elmwood Dr, Auburn-I

13.Perdue Home-415 Elmwood Dr, Auburn-I

14Solazteca-150A Sugar Maple Dr, Auburn-B

15.Logan Telephone Co-op-10725 Bowling Green Rd, Auburn-B

16.Holder Home-118 Landrum Rd, Auburn-I

17.Auburn School-221 College St, Auburn-S

18.Sullivan Home-309 Wilson Ave, Auburn-I

19.Williams Flooring-315 W Main St, Auburn-B

20.Auburn Bank-218 W Main St, Auburn-B

21.Main Street Style Salon-124 W Main St, Auburn-B

22.Yard Sale Shop-116 W Main St, Auburn-B

23.US Bank-107 W Main St, Auburn-B

24.Christina’s Place- 106 W Main St, Auburn-B

25.Whole Sale 2 U-102 E Main St, Auburn-B

26.Auburn Tourism-103 E Main St, Auburn-B

27.Staples Clinic-104 E Main St, Auburn-B

28.Auburn Fire Department-114 E Main St, Auburn-B

29.Maggie’s Diner-339 E Main St, Auburn-B

30.Auburn Health Care-139 Pearl St, Auburn-B

31.Auburn Senior Center-169 Wrenwood Dr, Auburn-B

32.GW Caldwell (Formerly Auburn Leather)-125 Caldwell St, Auburn-B



33.South Main Market-113 S Main St, Lewisburg-B

34.Lewisburg School-750 Stacker St, Lewisburg-S

35.Nelson Family-2658 Beechland Rd, Lewisburg-I



36.Adairville School-226 School Ave, Adairville-S

37.Eaton Home-598 Sulfur Springs Rd, Adairville-I

38.Davenport Home-3842 Trimble Rd, Adairville-I


Please cast your votes via the polls in our event. Voting ends at noon on Friday, Oct. 18, 2019.

Businesses Poll:

Individuals Poll:

Schools Poll:

To vote, click the button to the left, or click the name, of the option you want. To view the image of the haybale, click the image on the right of the option you want.

Please note: votes are only totaled from the poll for each category. Reactions and comments on the polls will not count towards the vote count.

You can view a listing of addresses for all participants here: https://docs.google.com/…/1qDUWFt99rp1sg6kRHSd21zeA2i…/edit…

A virtual map with all locations posted and a recommended route can be found here:



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