WRUS AM on FM now airing at 104.9
By Jim Turner

Posted on November 12, 2019 12:20 PM


We’ve been saying “610 WRUS” for 64 years. That’s the AM station, which has been an integral part of Logan County and its residents’ lives for most of our lives. Nothing is going to change that. But less than two years after the rebirth of simulcasts on WRUS FM, its place on the dial has moved. All indications are that the results have led to an improved listener experience.

WRUS is now located at 104.9FM as well as 610AM.

General Manager Chris McGinnis explains the change this way:

“In May 2019 the Federal Communications Commission issued final rules regarding FM Translator Interference. Once these rules were established, it was obvious that the WRUS Translator on 94.1FM was interfering with a Glasgow station on the same frequency, in the easternmost parts of our signal. WRUS’ owners, Logan Radio Inc., requested permission to resolve the interference by relocating to 104.9FM. This was approved by the FCC in September.

“In addition to the frequency change, the move also required a modification to the existing antenna. On Friday, Nov. 8, WRUS completed an outage as the work was completed on the tower. We then resumed broadcasting at 610AM, and our new home, 104.9FM.

“It is our hope that this new dial position will be as good, or better, for our Logan County listeners. We are proud to continue serving our community 24/7 at 104.9FM, 610AM, www.wrusradio.com and the WRUS Radio mobile app.”

Most AM stations have to lower the power of their broadcasts at night to avoid interference with “clear channels.” Simulcasting on FM allows WRUS listeners in the county who don’t live in the Russellville area to hear broadcasts at night, including the station’s extensive local sports coverage.

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