New monthly job data analysis and review site opened for this area

Posted on October 3, 2020 3:05 PM


“Open Jobs Report: Analysis and Review” is a new webcast service provided by the South Central Workforce Development Board in which monthly open and advertised job data for the region is both analyzed and explained.

Each month, Board staff will examine job data collected and compiled from Jobs EQ. Jobs EQ is a software service that helps to identify unique workforce characteristics such as current industry trends, demographic details, targeted occupation data and labor market information. The data for southcentral Kentucky will then be shared in webcast form so that the viewer is able not only to see the numbers but to get an explanation as to what it all means.

South Central Workforce Development Board President/CEO Robert Boone states, “It is important to understand the positions that are being advertised in our region. Such an understanding is foundational to our organization as we help prepare the workforce for current and future market demands. Our analysis is also valuable to career-seekers and employers in providing information for career planning, salary rates, educational requirements, and sector-based occupational growth.”

The Board’s initial webcast reviews jobs data for August 2020. Jon Sowards, vice president of Operations and Special Projects, explains, “It was very enlightening to peel back the 7,442 advertised jobs for August. There’s a lot more to it than just that one number. Our goal with this analysis is to give community leaders and employers a much better sense of what is happening in our local economy. I think this is an excellent start.”

To view the initial webcast, as well as future episodes, visit www.southcentralworkforce.comand click the WEBINARS tab.

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