Transplanted Russellvillian's legacy helping worthy causes
By Jim Turner

Posted on January 10, 2022 6:48 PM

The Family Resource & Youth Service Centers of Russellville Independent Schools recently flet 'blessed' with a $12,000 donation from The Community Foundation in conjunction wIth The Arnett Family Fund.

The Community Foundation is a leader and advocate for assistance to the arts, the poor and underprivileged, and educational institutions.

FRYSC coordinators Carol Kees and Debbie Browder said, “We want to extend a huge thank you to the Community Foundation and The Arnett Family Fund for their continued support of our endeavors here. They were generous enough to not only provide this donation but also a $6,000 donation last year.

“FRYCS also appreciates the relationship established by James and Clarkie Milam for making this donation possible. Their friendship and dedication to members of the Arnett family went a long way in making this partnership possible.”

Diana Arnett moved to Russellville from Youngstown, Ohio, in her later years because her brother David, who was teaching at WKU, decided to make his home here. She liked the community so well that she stayed in Russellville after her brother’s death.

Russellville attorneys James Milam, who is chairman of the Russellville Board of Education, and Neil Kerr worked with a law firm in Indiana in helping draw up plans for the Foundation. Milam’s wife Clarkie was a personal friend of Diana Arnett.

Youngstown attorney Joseph Houser says, “Diana stayed after David died unexpectantly, due to the quick friendships that she made with James Milam, his office personnel and her personal care givers.  She felt very comfortable staying in Russellville due to everyone’s hospitality.”

This year’s donation was the second one to the school for the benefit of the Family Resource and Youth Service Centers, the first being $6,000 last year, and this one being $12,000. There were also donations of $2,000 last year and $4,000 this year each to Agape and Grace Recovery this year. There had also been donations in 2019 to Agape and the deGraffenried Chorale.

James Milam says, “The Arnett family had acquired wealth, and the portion acquired by Diana was bequeathed to the Foundation. Diana was a very frugal person, but very giving. She resided here at the time of her death on Nov. 16, 2017. Hence the reasoning behind the Foundation's allowing a part of her bequest to be distributed in Russellville for the causes she cherished.

“I was honored to assist this fine lady in not only carrying out her wishes, but also in doing good with these selfless charities in this time of need.”


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