Cockrill able to solve sludge dumping case

Posted on June 23, 2022 11:55 AM

Between the dates of May 19 and May 25, Logan County Solid Waste Coordinator Nathan Cockrill investigated a series of dumping cases along U.S.68-80 and the Russellville Bypass.

The dumping consisted of sludge and other liquid waste, which pooled around a pond and sinkhole on a farm adjacent to the bypass. This collection of sludge is what caused the landowner to contact Cockrill and begin the investigation.

With the use of trail cameras, Cockrill was able to locate a truck belonging to TRS and Simons Trucking. They cooperated with the investigation and provided the name of the truck driver for that vehicle on the dates reflected in the trail cameras.

In an interview with Cockrill, the driver, Duston Frasier, admitted to driving the vehicle on the date in question. Logan County Attorney Joe Ross’ office was then contacted about criminal charges, and a Criminal Complaint is pending for various charges related to the illegal dumping against Frasier.

The landowner of the initial dump site contracted with Enscience to assist with any environmental issues related to the matter. TRS Trucking also cooperated in the cleanup process.

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