Renovations underway at Logan County High School
By Madison Kirby, Logan County Schools

Posted on October 27, 2023 5:20 AM


Phase 1 renovations at Logan County High School began this fall break!.The school is set to undergo a series of much-anticipated renovations that will breathe new life into its facilities, ensuring a brighter future for all who pass through its doors.

Here are some of the highlights of the current LCHS Phase 1 renovations:

  1. Safety Improvements: A secured-entry vestibule will be added to increase safety at the high school’s main entrance.
  2. Updated Front Office: Along with the security vestibule, the front office, including reception, will be moved to the very front of the main lobby. This will open up a common area for students while also providing our front office staff with new spaces for administrative work and a connection to the security vestibule.
  3. Enclosed Outdoor Corridor: The outdoor hallway will be enclosed to make travel between classes more convenient for students and teachers.

Additional phases of LCHS renovations will begin in 2024. Those updates will include a fully-renovated cafeteria with updated kitchens, updated career pathway classrooms and labs, remodeled classrooms from the original wing of LCHS, and a new 600+ seat auditorium. We are excited to share updates from each phase with our families and community as these improvements come to life.

While the renovations may bring some disruption in the short term, the long-term benefits will be well worth the effort. The school administration is working diligently to minimize any inconvenience to students, staff, and parents during this period.

There are currently no changes to parking or traffic patterns at LCHS. Contractor fencing was added to the student lot closest to the school building during fall break. Students were already parking at the far end of the student parking lot, so the fencing should not impact normal parking routines. If changes to daily routines are required for future phases of renovations, we will notify students and families in advance.

Logan County High School's commitment to educational excellence remains steadfast, and these renovations are a significant step towards realizing that vision. As the project progresses, it will undoubtedly inspire and empower the next generation of leaders who will proudly call Logan County High School their alma mater.

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