Public library teams with Logan Schools on special books
By Madison Kirby, Logan County Schools

Posted on October 29, 2023 1:07 PM

Logan County Public Library continues to support the Logan County Schools’ community by forging strong relationships and purchasing new books for our students and teachers.

Following a combination of bills that were passed in the state legislature (Senate Bills 1, 9, and 150), schools across the state are looking at curriculums that work for the whole school district. In education, "curriculum" refers to the combination of core subjects, content, and educational materials that students are using to learn at school.

This summer, Logan County Schools purchased and rolled out EL Education as the new reading curriculum for grades K-8. EL Education provides carefully reviewed books and lessons that align with the educational standards required by the state of Kentucky.

The new reading curriculum is full of relevant, exciting books that our students use to learn how to read. Some of these books are from classic authors, such as Eric Carle (“The Very Hungry Caterpillar”), but there are also new on-grade-level books that connect with what students are learning in their other classes. For example, students may be learning about types of birds in science, as required by the state. Since our teachers have EL Education’s curriculum, they can take what students are learning in science and use related books about birds to help students practice reading skills and connect their learning.

Logan County Schools purchased all required books for our teachers, including classroom sets. EL Education also has a list of recommended books and lessons that can make learning even more interesting to our students. Due to a limited budget, the district was unable to purchase the recommended materials on top of the full cost of the required books.

We are extremely grateful to announce that Logan County Public Library has purchased over 300 new books on the EL Education recommended reading list. These books are available for teachers to check out for their classroom. Anyone with a library card, including every student in Logan County, is also welcome to check out these supplemental books.

Logan County Public Library is committed to supporting our community as a whole, and this includes our local schools. As part of this commitment, they have also partnered with the school librarians at Logan County Schools. School librarians now have a school account at the public library that they can use to check out as many books as our students need. They can also request new books that may be needed as the school year continues. Librarians and teachers can also request library book kits from the Kentucky Library through our public library. Those kits include books and supporting materials like projects and crafts that connect to the story or topic. The library delivers the materials directly to the school so teachers and librarians can focus on teaching students.

Logan County Schools thanks and applauds Logan County Public Library for supporting our community through these helpful resources. Our teachers are already checking out the new books to make learning even more exciting for our students.

If you would like to support the Logan County Public Library as they continue to support our schools and community, please visit their website:


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