Lewisburg Middle School achieves top distinction on State Report Card
By Madison Kirby, Logan County Schools

Posted on November 4, 2023 6:30 PM

Lewisburg Middle School received the top state designation of "Blue" on the 2023 state assessment. This marks the first time any Logan County school has achieved this milestone since the rating system was introduced in 2019. Lewisburg is only one of five schools designated as a “blue” school in the GRREC Region. The GRREC Region is made up of 46 school districts and 67 middle schools.

 Lewisburg Middle ranked 22nd out of 318 middle schools across the state! 

According to the Department of Education, in order to receive an overall “blue” designation a school must score high or very high in student academic achievement and make significant or very significant academic growth as measured by the Kentucky Summative Assessment (KSA). The KSA exam is given at the end of the year, and it measures the performance and progress of public schools across Kentucky. Schools are ranked according to a color-coded system, with "blue" being the highest designation, representing outstanding achievement and exceptional educational quality.

For Lewisburg School, this achievement is a clear indicator of the school's commitment to excellence. "As the former principal, I take immense pride in our achievements at Lewisburg School,” said Dr. Josh Matthews, former Lewisburg Principal and current Chief Academic Officer of Logan County Schools. “As a unified Lewisburg team, we identified learning gaps and set out to address those gaps. This is not something that happens overnight. Closing learning gaps takes consistent effort by both the staff and students over several years. I am really proud of our students who were diligent in their pursuit of growth each day, and they deserve immense recognition for their accomplishments.”

One of the key factors that contributed to Lewisburg School's "blue" designation was the dedication of the staff and teachers. The dedicated educators at Lewisburg School go above and beyond to inspire and educate their students. Their passion for teaching and commitment to nurturing the potential of each student is reflected in the academic success and personal growth of our school's learners.


“We are extremely proud of our students for all of their efforts and achievements over the last year,” said Sarah Lawson, Lewisburg Middle School teacher. “The middle school achieving “Blue” status would not be possible without our exceptional elementary and intermediate teachers, as well as our amazing interventionists. We are a team that focuses on doing what is best for our students, and no one can achieve without the others.”

Dr. Matthews reflected, "I have had the privilege of observing our staff's unwavering commitment to our students for the past seven years. Last year presented its challenges, as I took on both the principalship at Lewisburg and the role of Chief Academic Officer for Logan County Schools. Nevertheless, our entire staff, both certified and classified members, rose to the occasion, demonstrating remarkable dedication to maintaining an educational environment where our students remained the top priority in every decision."

With the "Blue" designation on the School Report Card, Lewisburg School has positioned itself as a shining example of excellence in education in Kentucky. This accomplishment not only reflects past achievements but also sets the bar high for Lewisburg’s future. As the school continues to innovate, adapt, and inspire, they will continue to prepare our students for the ever-evolving challenges of the 21st century.

“The KSA distinguished rating earned by our middle school is extremely exciting and well deserved,” said Lewisburg teacher Emily Christian. “It’s a testament to the hard work of many people over many years. With almost 70 percent of students coming into Lewisburg School not kindergarten-ready, teachers begin identifying needs and filling learning gaps immediately. That work continues throughout primary and intermediate grades.”

Christian continued, “Administration, classroom teachers, special education teachers, intervention specialists and paraeducators all place a continual focus on individual student growth, leading to the success of our students.”

“It is important to note such achievements are only possible when everyone is aligned with the same vision,” said Dr. Matthews. “We received exceptional support from our board members, superintendent, and dedicated community members. To enable students to excel at such levels, fostering a team mentality is imperative. Great accomplishments are never solitary endeavors; they require the collective efforts of an entire community.”

Receiving the state’s top designation is a remarkable achievement for Lewisburg School, and it is a testament to the dedication, hard work, and unwavering commitment of the entire school community.

Dr. Matthews and Sherry Whitmon brought cake and punch to celebrate the hard work and team effort of staff going Blue.. Matthews, Interim Superintendent Leon Smith and Principal Hramt Warren each spoke.

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