Emilie Gill, RHS Art Department win top awards

Posted on January 1, 0001 12:00 AM

Russellville High School received the “Best of ShowFirst Place, and School Award” while  participating in the inaugural exhibition of River Arts celebrating visual arts in the schools of western Kentucky. The event is jointly sponsored by the Butler County School District, the Western Kentucky University Education Program, the city of Morgantown, and the Butler County Arts Guild. Participating in the event were 21 other K-12 schools scattered throughout the region.

Emilie Gill won both Best of Show and First Place with a charcoal drawing of “A Bird in the Hand.”

Russellville art Department won the program award for have the most entries accepted into the show. RHS had 14 works of art chosen and hung in the exhibition. The place awards and the program award consist of art supplies. The Best of Show Award is a monetary scholarship.

Brenda Brown is art teacher at Russellville High School.

Students who were chosen are as follows:

Russellville High School

Jamarius Duncan                     11th                  Lion Hearted

Malis Vanna                            12th                  The Koi Fish

Jason Fox                                12th                  Maiden in a Straw Hat

Aleecia Rose                          10th                   Explosion of Color

Jovani Pacheco- Ramirez        11th                  Shadow

Emilie Gill                               12th                  Summer is Fleeting

Jamarius Duncan                     11th                  Love and Loyalty

Jamarius Duncan                     11th                  Indian Warrior                                   

Malis Vanna                            12th                  Visual Silence

Sydney Herndon                     12th                  Tears of Color

Emilie Gill                               12th                  I Think We’re Going to be Friends

Emilie Gill                               12th                  Ceaselessly Into the Past

Sydney Herndon                     12th                   Lana

James Jenkins                          9th                    That’s Cold


Principal Kim McDaniel says, “Congratulations to these deserving art students and thank you to Mrs. Brenda Brown for establishing and maintaining a strong Art program for our school.”

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