Adult Ed announces new GED recipients

Posted on January 1, 0001 12:00 AM

Logan County Adult Education has announced that the following students have earned their GED during the fall session of the school year:

Paula Bell, Timothy Bell, Tina Bellar, Babye Chestnut, Jeremy Dulworth, Jose Del Regugio Flores, Rachael Gilliam, Michael Hartley, Sierra Kennedy, Anissa Median, Jeremy Miller, Brooks Prunty, Marvin Reynolds, Judy Scott, Elizabeth Taylor, Tiffany Taylor, Glenda Weaver, Levi Weaver, Brandy Westbrook and Griggs Whigam.

“Please join us in congratulating these hard working students in achieving such a difficult goal,” says Diane Crawley of the Adult Ed staff. 

Anyone interested in learning more information about earning a GED, is invited to contact the office, Monday – Friday by calling 270-726-8777.  All classes are free.

The LoJo

Adult education and literacy has been working in Logan County since 1986. Thanks to the efforts of Regional Librarian Evelyn Richardson, adult literacy became a statewide program. In the beginning there was one staff member and a crew of volunteers that worked almost in a one-on-one tutoring setting to prepare students for classes and GED testing. These were done in the Logan County Public Library. Smaller group sessions were held on Third Street where a second staff member was eventually added.

In late 1990s, the state mandated to combine the two forces and create a single entity of Adult Education and Literacy. In the winter of 2011, Logan County Adult Education moved into its current home at 121 South Spring Street. After years of shuffling students and staff across town, everyone was thrilled to be able to work out of one location with smaller classrooms that better meet the needs of the students.

There is currently a staff of seven and a steady crew of volunteers. Working at the Spring Street location, Logan County Detention Center, Auburn Public Library and small group ELL settings, they are able to cover most of Logan County each week. GED preparation classes are set up as five week classes and a week of student assessments. GED exam is offered once a month.

Adult Education is a non-profit agency and relies on state funding, grants and private donations to keep the all classes and supplies free to students. The office is open five days a week and currently offers classes two evenings each week, year round. On average the staff assists over 900 people in an academic year. In the 2011-12 year 97 GEDs were earned.

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