Democrats pay tribute to party legends
By Jim Turner

Posted on January 1, 0001 12:00 AM

Some of the great names in area Democratic heritage were honored at the Logan County Democrats' Pre-Primary Dinner 2010 on April 23 at Logan County High School. Some are among the living; others were recently deceased.

The living included former State Representative June Lyne, former State Senator Nick Kafoglis and former Speaker of the House Jody Richards. All three were present, and Bowling Green's Richards gave one of the few political speeches of the night. Also saluted were retiring County Attorney Tom Noe and long-time County Clerk Kenny Chapman. All five of them were present.

Three Logan Countians were chosen for the annual Yellow Dog Democrat awards, commemorating their unwavering dedication to the party. PVA Ben Brown, who served as master of ceremonies, presented two of the awards to his parents, Tommy and Gayle Brown. Democratic Women's Club President Patricia Raymer, who oversaw planning for the evening, presented the other to Jane Harper. The women could not attend, but Tommy Brown said, "My grandfather, Pres Brown, told, 'If you can't vote for a Democrat, just stay home.'" That's a Yellow Dog.

John Monroe, who is serving as chairman of the Logan County Democratic Executive Committee while Patricia Hedges is on leave to campaign for her husband, announced that his 90-year-old father, Oliver Monroe, had received the designation of Outstanding Citizen from the Kentucky House of Representatives. The elder Monroe was hospitalized at the time.

Five party stalwarts who had died in the last year were honored. The honorees, the people who represented them, and their presenters, were as follows:

Jim Nealy , long-time, retired circuit clerk, was honored by his successor, current Clerk Sherry Wiklins. His wife Ellen and son Daniel accepted.

Rodney Haines , long-time, retired county agent, was memorialized by Evelda Steersman. His wife Shirley accepted.

Kaye Whitson , wife of Lewisburg Mayor Ken Whitson, was paid tribute by Rep. Martha Jane King. The mayor accepted.

Paul Atchisons Sr. , an ardent party supporter who often served as chaperone for a group of women that included his wife, was remembered by John Monroe. Mr. Atchison's wife Nancy, son Paul Jr. and daughter-in-law Kay accepted.

Elizabeth Wilson , an attorney and former staffer for U.S. Senator Wendell Ford, was eulogized by Jim Turner. Her sister, Carolyn Mallory, accepted.

The only two candidates invited to speak were Rep. King and U.S. Senate candidate Dr. James Buckmaster of Henderson.

Opposed candidates who made a priority of attending the Democratic gathering were as follows:
Judge-Executive: Logan Chick and Barry Dill
Jailer: Bill Jenkins, Dewayne Whittaker and James K. Penrod
First District Magistrate: Clem 'Dickie' Carter
Second District Magistrate: Harold Prince
Third District Magistrate Curtis Watkins
Fourth District Magistrate: Drexel Johnson
Sixth District Magistrate: C. Robert 'Bob' Hedges and Joe Ross

Unopposed candidates in the Democratic primary in attendance included:
Sheriff: Wallace Whittaker
County Clerk: Scottie Harper
Sixth District Magistrate: Thomas Bouldin
State Representative: Martha Jane King
Property Valuation Administrator: Ben Brown

Also present but involved in non-partisan races were district judge candidates Sue Carol Browning and Ken Williams, Russellville mayor candidates Douglas Nash and Mark Stratton, and Russellville council candidates Pat Walpole Bell, Ashley Bland, Jimmy Davenport, Bill Decker, Darlene Gooch, Neil Kerr, Joe Laird, Lanny McPherson, Marvinia Benton Neblett, Jack Whipple and Shirlee Yassney.

A fund-raising auction was conducted afterwards with Brent Summers doing the auctioneering.

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