Home sweet for election winners
By Jim Turner

Posted on January 1, 0001 12:00 AM

Home Sweet Home proved to be a winner for candidates in key contested races in many Logan County Tuesday.

Long-time incumbent Jailer Bill Jenkins had trailed former Coroner Phil Gregory most of the night but came from behind to win by 67 votes (4,108-4,041)Tuesday. He was still behind when County Clerk Scottie Harper announced the results of the final precinct to report at the Logan County Courthouse. It was Number 9, which is located at Adairville Middle School. Jenkins has lived in Adairville for several years, and the hometown folks gave him an 83-vote (204-121) majority, putting him ahead of Gregory by 67 votes out of over 8,000 cast.

Judge Sue Carol Browning, who has presided over district court for 15 years, appeared to be locked in a tight race with attorney Ken Williams, maybe even trailing. Browning, however, drew 480 (824-344) more votes than Williams in her native Auburn, propelling her to a 434-vote margin (4,187-3,753) in Logan County and when Todd County’s votes were added in she won 6,265 to 5,378.

Mark Stratton has lived in Russellville all his life. Doug Nash is a native of North Logan but spent over 30 years in other states before he and his wife settled in Russellville for their retirement years. Former councilman Stratton defeated current councilman Nash by 938 votes, polling almost 75 percent of the vote. (Gene Zick, who was elected mayor four years ago, resigned earlier this year and has moved away from Russellville. Interim mayor Lanny McPherson was reelected to the council)

Hall has been one of the most prominent names in Auburn throughout its history. Scott is also an Auburn name, but Tim Hall is part of the historic Auburn Halls and Ann Scott is not from those Scotts. Tim Hall won over Ann Scott by 133 votes (823-690) for the seat on the Logan County School Board representing the Auburn area. (Incumbent Michael Elliott chose not to run again.)

The exception to the homefolks trend was Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Joe Ross, who was elected county attorney by 601 votes (4,370-3,769) over Corey Morgan in a close race most of the night. Ross moved to Logan County during the past decade. Morgan is a graduate of Russellville High School. (Veteran County Attorney Tom Noe did not seek reelection.)

Martha Jane King, who is completing her first term as state representative, also had strong opposition from Republican Larry Noe. King won Logan County by 2,029 votes and the two-county Logan/Todd district by 2,722 votes (&7,432-4,710).

None of the four contested magisterial races were close, producing three new members of Logan Fiscal Court. The returnee is Republican Jo Orange in the Fifth District (Auburn). She got 74 percent of the vote in defeating Robert Atchley 1,091-374. Democrat Drexel Johnson defeated Republican nominee Billy Hall 942-484 (66 percent) in the Fourth District (Lewisburg). Russell Poore and Jack Crossley won the First and Second districts for the second time, again defeating the incumbents, who had asked them to write their names in this time. Poore won over Dickie Carter 816-307 and Crossley over Harold Prince 1,166-204.

Tina Callahan-Dye, who is involved in countless community activities, was elected mayor of Lewisburg, defeating Lucian Hunt Jr. 129-97.. (Mayor Ken Whitson decided not to seek another term.)

The four incumbent Russellville City Councilman who sought reelection were granted their wish by the voters. But a newcomer to politics, B,B&T bank leader Sandra Kinser was the leading votegetter. Also elected was Main Street Russellville Director Darlene Gooch. Vote totals were as follows: Kinser 1,547, Jimmy Davenport 1,493, interim mayor Lanny McPherson 1275, Pat Walpole Bell and Gooch 1,062 each and Jack Whipple 1,021. Eliminated were Bill Decker (990), Ashley Bland (802), Marvinia Benton Neblett (755) and Joe Laird (294)..

Mike Hughes again led Auburn Council vote-getters with 318 votes. Also elected were Jessie Duer (250), Steve Montgomery (240), Gayle Gregory (225), Rex Evans (223) and Bobby Price (210). Falling short were Norma Kutzman with 171, Jim Kutzman Jr. 167, Tim Williams 158 and write-in Martha Covington 91. Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Becky Tinch, who was the face of Adairville city government for decades as city clerk, was the leading vote-getter in her first run for the council with 279 votes. Also elected to the council was former mayor Bill Steen with 235 votes. In between were Art Violette and Danny Finch with 241 each. Rounding out those elected were Donna Blake with 220 and Tony Nichols with 183. Nannette Starks King was only four votes behind, but was left out.
Only six people ran for Lewisburg City Council, so they were all elected. They are, in order of votes, Jeff Laster with 182, Joyce Richardson 178, Donnie Smith 165, Craig Green 160, Scott Sweetsir 154 and Melanie Palgreen 150.

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