Homecoming Week begins at RHS
By Kim McDaniel, Principal

Posted on January 8, 2017 5:09 PM

Temps are on the rise and we are hopeful that we won’t have to worry about any more snow days for a while.

Monday—Mathletes vs. Athletes
Tuesday---Rappers vs. Rockers
Wednesday—Hobo’s vs. Business people (Dress for Success)
Thursday—Past vs. Future
Friday—Panthers vs. Wildcats—Rock your black and gold!!!!
Please see attachment for more information about Homecoming week!

Panther College Academy students will be returning to classes tomorrow at the Franklin campus of SKYCTC. We will have your information ready for you in the morning!

Congratulations to our Panthers on their victory over the Cougars on Friday night. Our Lady Panthers fought a hard battle and made a good run at the Lady Cougars during the fourth quarter before falling short. Both teams will be back in action this week and ready to take on new opponents!

The RHS Athletic Department recognized Greg Owens on Friday evening with a distinguished service award. Greg does a great deal to support our programs and I think we would be hard-pressed to find a bigger Panther fan than Coach O. Thanks for all you do for our school and programs, Coach!

Director Brian Brown, along with four RHS students, traveled this past weekend to WKU to participate in the All-District Band program. RHS students selected to participate were:

Kaylee Silvey—Senior
Brandon Johns—Junior
Zach Baker—Sophomore

Laura Mullen—Freshman

Congratulations to our RHS band students for being chose for this honor.

Both the RHS Swim Team and Archery Team were in action this past weekend, as well. As soon as we receive official results from those matches, we will pass those along. We have been notified that high school archers received a third place award from tournament they attended prior to winter break.

We will be administering winter mock ACT exams for both 10th and 11th graders, beginning with juniors tomorrow morning. These assessments work in conjunction with our ePrep/CERT program in which students are working during their RTI/AA time. Students can access this information from any computer to share with you. Please ask your 10th/11th grader to log into his/her account for your review. You will be able to see fall assessment data, in addition to all the review work that your student has completed since the fall exam.

Sometimes, as parents/family members, we may not truly understand the importance nor the impact that this one assessment can have on our student’s future. I have included some information below—from a variety of resources—that will help you better understand the potential impact of this assessment. Please emphasize how taking advantage of the CERT program and giving good-faith efforts can potentially impact your student’s future.

Reasons Your Student’s Test Scores Are Important

1.   Test scores are critical to a student’s college opportunities.
In 2014, UCLA received over 80,000 applications for approximately 5,000 available seats in the freshman class.
Read that again. Those numbers are staggering.
Whether you believe that standardized tests are a proper measure of a student’s ability or not is irrelevant. It’s impossible for UCLA’s admissions officers to read upwards of 160,000 essays and sift through every applicant’s high school transcript.

2.   The bottom line is this: the numerical measures matter.
While recording The College Checklist Podcast, Dale Callahan told me that test scores are the number 1 factor in admissions. Chuck Hughes, a former senior admissions officer at Harvard, said that test scores are the 3rd most important factor in a student’s application.
Either way, test scores are very important. If your student is planning to go to college, he or she will need to take the SAT or ACT. Putting your very best possible score on your application is imperative.
2. There is money in your test score.

Merit-based financial aid and many scholarships are based in large part upon a student’s SAT or ACT score. The money that you spend on test prep can be returned to you eight-fold or ten-fold through financial aid and scholarships.

3.   Some employers require SAT & ACT scores well beyond graduation.
The Wall Street Journal recently reported that many companies require applicants to submit their test scores on their resume. The strangest part about this practice is that there have been no studies proving any correlation between higher scores and better performance in the workplace, but the perceived value of a higher score is priceless.
An extension of principle #2 – there is money in the test score well beyond the days of merit aid and scholarships because your student’s SAT and ACT scores may affect her future employment.

Upcoming events:

• ACT Winter Mock—Juniors 8:30-12:00
• Upward Bound Meetings
• RHS Lady Panther vs. Fort Campbell (H) 6:00 V/JV—Varsity will play the first game at 6:00.

• ACT Winter Mock—Sophomores 8:30-12:00
• Ambassador Executive Council Meeting @11:00
• RMS Basketball B/G vs. Todd Co (A) 5:30

• Ambassador Meeting—all grades—2:30 Auditorium

• Academic Recovery 3:20-4:20
• Jordan Blick’s signing with Campbellsville (Rescheduled) 2:30 RHS Library
• RMS Basketball Boys vs. Drakes Creek (H) 6:00
• RHS Boys Basketball vs. Muhlenberg Co (A) JV/V 6:00

• Club Day: Renaissance or PEP, NHS, FCCLA
• Russellville Archery @ Chandlers
• RMS Boys Basketball vs. South Warren (A)—one game only
• RHS B/G Basketball vs. Franklin-Simpson 6:00 (Homecoming)


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