Superintendent search committee named

Posted on February 26, 2017 8:56 AM

Russellville Public Schools is making progress toward finding a new superintendent. The Board of Education has established the superintendent screening committee, now. Following the required procedures established in KRS 160.352, the following people will serve on the Russellville Public Schools’ superintendent screening committee:

·        Board Appointee: Phillip West

·        Principal Representative: Robin Cornelius

·        Teacher Representative: Tracy Naylor

·        Teacher Representative: Cassie Reding

·        Classified Representative: Ann Mosier

·        Parent Representative: Cocoa Collier

According to Russellville Public Schools Board Policy 02.1, the superintendent screening committee has the following responsibilities:

1.     Screen all candidates;

2.     Employ any reasonable means it chooses to screen candidates;

3.     Report its recommendations to the Board on the prescribed date; and

4.     Consider additional responsibilities as assigned by the Board.

If anyone in the community or parent has any questions or would like to provide input as to the qualities of the next superintendent contact Phil Eason at



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