Jessalyn Robey of LCHS named regional FFA president, 28 proficiencies qualify for state
By Hannah Price, Reporter

Posted on April 8, 2017 11:33 PM


By: Hannah Price

On March 28, Logan County FFA held its Annual “Paper Work Day.”  On this day the chapter decides winners for Proficiencies and holds Barren River Region Officer Elections. Each chapter in the region sends one officer to represent their chapter. Logan County chose to send our President-Elect for the upcoming year Jessalyn Robey.

During these elections the former Regional Officers interview the candidates and vote to fill these positions. Jessalyn Robey will be the new Barren River Region President.  Congratulations, Jessalyn! 

. ur chapter was very successful and these Proficiencies will be judged at the State FFA Convention in June. Also on this day our Chapter’s Proficiencies were judged and these are the results:

(S stands for Superior, S1 for first in the region and S2 for second. First and second places advance to state)

Agricultural Communication- Entrepreneurship/Placement: Ann-Meguiar Bouldin: S

Agricultural Education- Entrepreneurship/Placement: Ann-Meguiar Bouldin: S2

Agricultural Mechanics Design and Fabrication- Entrepreneurship/Placement: Blake Taylor: S1

Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance-Placement: DJ Price: S2

Agricultural Processing-Entrepreneurship/Placement: Jackson Blythe: S2

Agricultural Sales-Entrepreneurship: Lindsay Allen: S2

Agricultural Sales Placements: Kameron Higgins: S2

Agricultural Services Entrepreneurship/Placement: Kameron Higgins: S1

Agriscience Research-Animal Systems: Meleea Reno: S1

Agriscience Research-Integrated Systems: Dru Brown: S1

Beef Production- Entrepreneurship: Andrew Milam: S1

Dairy Production-Entrepreneurship: Jessie Collins: S1

Dairy Production-Placement: Jessalyn Robey: S2

Diversified Agricultural Production-Entrepreneurship/Placement: Dru Brown: S1

Diversified Crop Production-Entrepreneurship: Adam Wright: S1

Diversified Crop Production-Placement: Paige Brown: S2

Diversified Horticulture- Entrepreneurship/Placement: Paige Brown: S2

Environmental Science and Natural Resources-Entrepreneurship/Placement: DJ Price: S1

Equine Science-Placement: Jessalyn Robey: S

Fiber and/or Oil Crop Production-Placement: Luke Davenport: S1

Food Science and Technology-Placement: Jackson Blythe: S2

Forage Production- Entrepreneurship: Andrew Milam: S1

Forest Management and Products-Entrepreneurship/Placement: Blake Taylor: S1

Fruit Production-Entrepreneurship/Placement: Claire Wilson: S

Grain Production-Entrepreneurship: Adam Wright: S1

Grain Production-Placement: Luke Davenport: S1

Home and/or Community Development: Lindsay Allen: S

Outdoor Recreation-Entrepreneurship/Placement: Zach Brinkley: S1

Small Animal Production-Entrepreneurship/Placement: Jessie Collins: S2

Specialty Animal Production- Entrepreneurship/Placement: Meleea Reno: S

Specialty Crop Production-Entrepreneurship/Placement: Paige Brown: S2

Swine Production-Entrepreneurship: Zach Milam: S3

Swine Production-Placement: Zach Milam: S2

Tobacco Essay: Ethan Robey: S3

Turf Grass management-Entrepreneurship/Placement: Jacob Haley: S3

Vegetable Production-Entrepreneurship/Placement: Claire Wilson: S

Wildlife Production and Management-Entrepreneurship/Placement: Zach Brinkley: S1


Proficiencies are rewarding for FFA members.  Any member that is involved in agriculture development can participate.  These competitions offer members a chance to show what they are most involved in at home or the community.  There are two categories of proficiencies, those being Placement or Entrepreneurship. The differences are if the member works for someone else then they would participate under placement.  If they own their business it would be considered Entrepreneurship. Proficiencies offer members the opportunity to get involved and support the Agriculture community.


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