Quarles, Bryant, Bland, Smith, Brown & Johnson top two years of The LoJo
By Jim Turner

Posted on January 1, 0001 12:00 AM

If you were a multi-sport athlete or if your last name is Smith, Brown, Johnson, White, Taylor or Jones, and if you have some connection with Logan & Beyond, chances are good that your name appeared on The Logan Journal in the first two years of its existence.
About 4,500 different people were named during the first 25 months of The LoJo (February 2009-February 2011). During that time almost 5 million hits were made to read those names.
Appearing in the most stories during that time were Russellville three-sport athletes D.J. Quarles, Devonta Bryant, Victor Hampton and Kevin Temple, interrupted only by photographer/political candidate Ashley Bland. Rounding out the top nine were athletes Markita Pheal, Ann Dorris, Twin Lancaster and Darrin Murphy. They were all successful in two or more sports.
To be in the top 25, a person had to appear in 19 stories. A total of 88 individuals were part of 10 or more articles.
A total of 62 people named Smith appeared at least once in an article, followed by 59 Browns, 51 Johnsons, 43 Whites, 39 Williamses, 36 Taylors, 35 Joneses, 31 Strattons, and 30 people named Wells and Wilson.
It took 18 people with the same last name to reach the top 25. A total of 82 family names had 10 or more representatives in articles.
46 D.J. Quarles
43 Devonta Bryant
37 Ashley Bland
34 Victor Hampton
33 Kevin Temple
28 Markita Pheal
27 Ann Dorris
26 Twin Lancaster, Darrin Murphy
24 Brittany Hampton, Scot MacAllister, Reuben Rawlings-Watson, Brett Sowell, Amber Sydnor,
Meagan Williams
23 Dennis Pardue
22 Kayla MacAllister, Miranda Rone, Sarah Speck
21 Trevor Clark, Representative Martha Jane King
20 Jaylin Jones, John Myers
19 Tameeka Rippy, Harold Tackett

18 Kesi Neblett
17 Justin Bollenbecker, John Logan Dockins, Troy Graham, Seth McReynolds, Thomas Shifflett
16 Dudley Bouldin, Nakia Daniel, Imani Hampton, LeAndra Hoosier, Lou Kendall. Davis Pardue,
15 Dedra Adler, Jonathan Barbee, Derrod Blakey, Barrett Croslin, James Milam, Marvinia Neblett
Nathan Oberhausen, Lon Sosh, Seth Washington, Thomas Washington, Caleb Willis
14 Tucker Baldwin, Dustin Cartas, Darlene Gooch, Matt Harper, Neil Kerr
13 Kate Brooks, Kevin Gettings, Kathy Hathcock, Jordan Kennedy, Lee Proctor, Phillip Stratton
12 Daniel Beaty, Caleb Bruner, Judge Logan Chick, Rusty Clark, Avery Collier, Ryan Harper, Sye Head.
Al Smith, Jacob Wood
11 Judge Sue Carol Browning, Tyler Davenport, Torin Graham, Travez Hampton, Greg Howard,
Lawton Jackson, Desmon Quarles, Nikki Rose, Shirlee Yassney, Gene Zick
10 Bob Birdwhistell, Meg Brown, Cory Ford, Joe Holliday, Senator Joe Pendleton, Vanessa Priddy,
Joe Ross, Charleston Sydnor, Noah Thomas, Ian Woodall

62 Smith
59 Brown
51 Johnson
43 White
39 Williams
36 Taylor
35 Jones
31 Stratton
30 Wells, Wilson
29 Duncan, Harris
26 Morgan
25 Jones, Riley
21 Hall, Thomas
20 Davis, Rogers, Wright
19 Gregory
18 Allen, Anderson, Bibb, Milam, Turner

17 Bailey, Baldwin, Hughes, Mason , Moore, Noe, Page
16 King, Martin, Phillips, Powell. Todd
15 Harper, Meguiar, Miller, Richardson, Thompson
14 Epley, Rose, Shelton
13 Burchett, Chapman, Cole, Dawson, Felts, Hampton, Jackson, McIntosh, Stuart
12 Arnold, Kerr, Mallory, Rust, Sanders, Sydnor, Wilkins, Wood
11Campbell, Davenport, Howard, Lee, Lyne, Morris, Murphy
10 Adler, Ashby, Baugh, Costello(w), Cross, Foster, Kemp, Kennedy, Lawson, Nash, Porter, Robey, Woodall

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