Corrections to be made to 2018 LCHS yearbook
By Ryan Bailey, LCHS Yearbook Advisor

Posted on May 8, 2018 9:01 PM

While this is one of the best yearbooks Logan County High School has ever produced, and is visually the best one the Yearbook Staff has designed, we have unfortunately made some mistakes that have rightly upset a few. Regarding this, we are deeply sorry, but seek to remedy the situation as much as possible, and this is how: 

We can create insert pages that will be added into the yearbooks that have already been purchased. 

These inserts have tape that allows them to stick effectively in the book along with the other pages, making these inserts as much a part of the yearbook as the rest. On these inserts, we hope to include the pictures/content (especially for seniors) that were mistakenly neglected, as well as student names that were not mentioned in the "not pictured" sections.

However, this is not an opportunity for someone to submit a picture who failed to meet the original deadlines. This opportunity is for students/parents who took the necessary steps, but nonetheless do not have their pictures included. These inserts will be handed out to every student who purchased a yearbook to assure that your child's content will be included in all yearbooks.

So: this Wednesday and Thursday (5/9, 5/10) at the concession stand, we will be happily receiving content that the aforementioned students/parents would like included. Between 11 a.m.-1 p.m. on Wednesday or Thursday, please bring (or have your child bring) a flash drive or disc including the picture(s) and text you want included. If you do not have a flash drive or it would be much easier, you may email me, but do so only between 11-1 (this would limit the email getting lost among the many emails I get a day, or getting lost in the junk/clutter folders).

The design editor and I will work on this with you and let you see the result before you leave to assure that our mutual goal is completed. We cannot extend this beyond Thursday, because we have to complete the inserts by Friday to assure that we get them returned to us by the time school is out.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (send any content you want included at this email address). 

PLEASE include as the subject line (if you send an email) ATTN: YEARBOOK INSERT - Yourchild'sfirstname Yourchild'slastname

If you do not have this as the subject line, do not expect the content to be included in the insert.

Thank you for your time, and again, I apologize for any omitted content, hoping that this endeavor will put things right for you and your child,

Ryan Bailey

Yearbook Adviser"


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