A new sheriff will be in town following primary
By Jim Turner

Posted on May 23, 2018 1:03 AM

A long-time incumbent sheriff, two former magistrates, and an experienced prosecutor are among Logan County political candidates who won’t see their races continue into November following party primaries conducted Tuesday.

Wallace Whittaker, who has been Logan County sheriff for 16 years, was denied a fifth term by Democratic voters, who chose as their nominee Stephen Stratton, one of three candidates for the office who were no longer employed by the sheriff’s department after filing to run against the incumbent sheriff.

Russell Poore, who has made multiple runs for a seat on fiscal court and served as First District Magistrate from 2011-14, was defeated for the Democratic nomination by Tyler Davenport, a young man who heads the massive computer program in the Logan County Schools.

Ranny Adler, who served as the magistrate from the Lewisburg district a couple of decades ago, was defeated by Dale Givens for the Democratic nomination to return to that position. Incumbent magistrate Drexel Johnson chose not to run for another term.

Joe W. Hendricks, a Logan County native who has extensive prosecutorial experience in Georgia, lost a close race for the Republican nomination for Commonwealth’s Attorney in Logan and Todd Counties to Neil Kerr, the city attorney for Russellville, Lewisburg and Adairville.

Stratton, Davenport, Givens and Kerr will face opponents from the other party in November.

Davenport will challenge incumbent First District Magistrate Dickie Carter, who won with ease over Timothy Rainwaters and Russ Sharp in the Republican primary.

The others will face candidates who were unopposed Tuesday. Acting Commonwealth’s Attorney Justin Crocker will take on Kerr. Jason Wade Harper will run against Givens for Fourth District Magistrate. Stratton’s opponent for sheriff will be Robbie Matthews, who also formerly was a deputy under Whittaker.

The closest races were in the Fifth District. Former Logan County School Board member/former county Republican chairman Robert Earl Chyle drew three more votes than did political newcomer Anne Crawford. Boyd Wright and Ricky Appling also received votes. The Democratic primary was even closer with Boyce Coles and Barry Perkins tying while a third candidate, Lonnie Brown, was only 11 votes behind them.

Some form of calculating the votes again in both parties is likely. If the Democratic votes stand as tallied Tuesday, a coin flip between Perkins and Coles will likely be conducted for the seat voluntarily being relinquished by long-time Fifth District Magistrate Jo Orange.

The only incumbent magistrate who won Tuesday and has has no opposition in the fall is Jack Crossley, who won decisively over Constable Mike Weldon in the Second District.

One other seat on the court is also guaranteed. Third District Magistrate Barry Wright has the honor of being unopposed in both the primary and general elections.

The Sixth District candidates, incumbent Democrat Thomas Bouldin and Republican challenger Cody Tatum, were unopposed in their primaries.

County Judge-Executive Logan Chick, who presides over fiscal court meetings, is opposed in November by Republican Larry Brewer.

Paul Walker was a lopsided winner over Alonzo Pennington in Logan County for the Democratic nomination for First District Congressman. The winner will go against Republican incumbent James Comer in November.

Vote totals were as follows:


Sheriff: Stephen Stratton 1,273, Wallace Whittaker 1,078, Morris Lynn Kisselbaugh 800, Charles Dauley 531

First District Magistrate: Tyler Davenport 350, Russell Poore 324

Second District Magistrate: Jack Crossley 492, Mike Weldon 217

Fourth District Magistrate: Dale Givens 322, Ranny Adler 232

Firth District Magistrate: Boyce Coles & Barry Perkins 193 each, Lonnie Brown 182


Commonwealth’s Attorney: Neil Kerr 683 Logan, 215 Todd, 898 overall; Joe Hendricks 598 Logan, 244 Todd, 842 overall

First District Magistrate: Dickie Carter 112, Timothy Rainwaters 70, William “Russ” Sharp 35

Fifth District Magistrate: Robert Chyle 127, Anne Churchill Crawford 124, Boyd Wright 34. Ricky Appling Jr. 26


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