Logan FFA celebrates another great year
By Ashlyn Tracy. Reporter

Posted on May 27, 2018 9:49 PM

The 2018 Logan County FFA Banquet was held late in the semester at the UK Extension Office. Awards were given out as well as induction of the new officer team.

The 2017- 2018 was as follows: President- Jessalyn Robey, Vice President- Meela Reno, secretary- Zach Milam, Treasurer- Rachel Taylor, Reporter-Hannah Price, Sentinel- Caroline Baker, Chaplain- Evan Hughes, Parliamentarian-Kennedy Campbell, 2nd Vice President- Kaitlyn Norris, and 3rd Vice President- Jacob Haley. The FFA Advisors are Bryan Estes and Jay Campbell.

The following events her over the past year earned awards at the banquet:

FFA Quiz Contest- Lindsey Brinkley

Creed Contest- Madeline Reno

Greenhouse Awards- Bailey Cornelius, Hannah Goss, Kassidy Justice, Katie Ferandez, Jacob Page, and Jackson Blythe.

Ag. Mechanics Awards- Korbin Deberry and Ethan Robey

Speaking Contests

Public Speaking- Addie White

Extemporaneous Public Speaking- Rachel Taylor

Impromptu Speaking Beef- Macon Barrow

Impromptu Speaking Ag. Mechanics- Harrison Wilson

Impromptu Speaking Crop- Crandall Barrow

Impromptu Speaking Dairy- Jessalyn Robey

Impromptu Speaking Fruit/Vegetable- Hannah Price

Impromptu Speaking Greenhouse- Meleea Reno

Impromptu Speaking Floral- Caroline Davenport

Impromptu Speaking Nursey/Landscape- Kassidy Justice

Impromptu Speaking Sheep/Goat- Briley Robinson

Impromptu Speaking Small Animal- Jamasyn Belcher

Impromptu Speaking Swine- Zach Milam

Impromptu Speaking Turf/Lawn- Hayley Hallman

Impromptu Speaking Horse- Bailey Cornelius

Impromptu Speaking Poultry- Micah Page

Chapter Meeting Team:

Jessalyn Robey, Meleea Reno, Zach Milam, Rachel Taylor, Hannah Price, Hayley Hallman, Briley Robinson, Ethan Robey, Caroline Davenport, and Ashlyn Tracy.

Ag Co-op Students:

Caroline Baker, Maggie Hayes, Tanner Baldwin, Savannah Hinton, Taylor Beaty, Daniel King, Jordyn Belcher, Trevor McIntosh, Jon-Layton Blick, Madi McReynolds, Colby Blythe, Hannah Mimms, Kayla Boisseau, Cheyenne Brown, Meelea Reno, Kennedy Campbell, Brianna Roberts, Mackenzie Castile, Jesalyn Robey, Cooper Covington, Rachel Sears, Leah Crossley, Tori Scarborough, Seth Crowder, Dixie Shoemake, Makenzie Dorris, Jackson Steward, Davis Flatt, Madison Stratton, Brent Fuller, Bradley Taylor, Briley Gorrell, Emily Travis, Jacob Haley, Deserae Tucker, Taylor Haley, Dylan Wilson, and Connor Woodard.

Envirothon Teams: Team A: Rachel Taylor, Hannah Price, Ashlyn Tracy, Jailyn Campbell, and Lindsey Brinkley

Team B: Jordan Baer, Zach Milam, Mallory Whitson, Morgan Gafford, and Ethan Robey.

Livestock Judging Team: Jessalyn Robey, Zach Milam, Meleea Reno, and Briar Webb.

Dairy Judging Team: Hannah Price, Rachel Taylor, Bailey Cornelius, and Gracie Wharton.

Ag. Sales: Zach Milam, Rachel Taylor, Hannah Price, and Bailey Cornelius

Meats Team: Ethan Robey, Jordan Baer, Kolton Coomer, and Korbin Deberry.

Welding Team: Trevor McIntosh, Briar Webb, Kolton Coomer, and John-Layton Blick.

Agronomy Team: Caroline Davenport, Addie White, Hayley Hallman, and Briley Robinson.

Ag. Mechanics Team: Jordan Baer, Korbin Deberry, and Kolton Coomer.

Record Keeping Team: Mallory Whitson, Lilliann Elame, Jamasyn Belcher, and Caitlyn Mosely.

Freshman Parliamentary Team: Mallory Whitson, Brooke Johnson, Lindsey Brinkley, Harley Robertson, Madeline Reno, Crandall Barrow, and Macon Barrow.

Proficiencies:  Ag. Education and Ag. Communications- Hannah Price, Ag. Mechanics design and repair- Jordan Baer, Ag. Sales Entrepreneurship and Home and community Placement- Lindsay Allen, Ag. Sales Placement and poultry production- Ashley Taylor, Ag. Processing and Ag. Entrepreneurship with food science- Jackson Blythe, Ag. Research Animal Systems- Meleea Reno, Beef Production Placement and Specialty animal production placement- Alex Walpole, Dairy Production Entrepreneurship- Jessie Collins,;

Dairy Production Placement and Equine Science Placement- Jessalyn Robey, Diversified Ag. Production and Diversified Livestock Production- Jailyn Campbell, Diversified crop Production and Forage Production- Ethan Robey, Environmental Science management placement and Forest Management- Korbin Deberry, Fiber/Oil Production and Grain Production- Noah Rust, Goat Production- Briley Robinson, Landscape Management and Turf Grass Management- Hayley Hallman, Nursery operations and Specialty crop production- Caroline Davenport, Small Animal Care and Veterinary Science Placement- Ashlyn Tracy, Outdoor Recreation- Kolton Coomer, Swine Production entrepreneurship and placement- Zach Milam, Vegetable Production- Rachel Taylor, and Wildlife Management- Zach Brinkley.

Outstanding Members:

Chapter Star Agribuisnessman: Kaitlyn Norris

Chapter Star Farmer:  Jessalyn Robey

Chapter Star in Placement: Meleea Reno

Outstanding FFA Members: Jessalyn Robey and Meleea Reno

Freshman Leadership Awards: Brooke Johnson, Luke Brown, Harley Robertson, John-Dawson Celsor, and Sydnee Claypool

Sophomore Leadership Award: Caroline Davenport

Junior Leadership Award: Zach Milam

Senior Leadership Award: Kaitlyn Norris

Freshman Scholarship Awards: Lindsey Brinkley and Crandall Barrow

Sophomore Scholarship Award: Ashlyn Tracy

Junior Scholarship Award: Rachel Taylor

Senior Scholarship Award: Meleea Reno

Star Greenhands: Mallory Whitson, Lindsey Brinkley, Crandall Barrow, and Madeline Reno

Retiring Senior Officers:

Jessalyn Robey- 2016-2017 Parliamentarian 2017-2018 President

Meleea Reno- 2016-2017 Jr. Vice President 2017-2018 Vice President

Caroline Baker: 2016-2017 Jr. Secretary  2017-2018 Sentinel

Evan Hughes: 2016-2017 Jr. Chaplain 2017-2018 Chaplain

Kennedy Campbell:  2016-2017 Jr. Reporter 2017-2018 Parliamentarian

Kaitlyn Norris: 2016-2017 Jr. Sentinel 2017-2018 2nd Vice President

Jacob Haley:  2016-2017 Jr. 2nd Vice President 2017-2018 3rd Vice President


We would like to thank our sponsors, members, and community for a successful year full of opportunities for our chapter.


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