Over 1,250 student names appeared on The LoJo in May
By Jim Turner

Posted on June 28, 2017 11:43 PM

Consider this: During the month just passed—May 2017, the names of Logan County and Russellville students, from preschool through high school, abounded on the pages of The Logan Journal.

Below are the names of approximately 1,250 young people whose participation and achievements in the classroom or in extracurricular endeavors earned them one or more mentions in articles which appeared in the online newspaper during the final month of the school year.

These three theories explain why there are so many names:

1)    These young people earned recognition. They did something well, whether it was in academics or activities. The stories range from athletics to acting to art to FFA to commencements.

2)    One of the advantages of growing up in a smaller, more rural community is getting your name in the newspaper and on the radio. Media in big cities don’t have space or time for that. But cyberspace is unlimited, and The LoJo has room for limitless names.

3)    Having kids’ names on pages is good for a newspaper’s advertisers. People read stories about young people, whether it’s their own children or grandchildren or their friends’ offspring, Appearing on those pages helps advertisers increase sales and promote their services.

Check out these names. If you see which one or more stories a young appeared, go to www.theloganjournal.com, find May articles, choose one and then type the name in Website Search and find the article(s) in which they are mentioned. Every story which has appeared on The LoJo in the last eight and a half years is still there, and current advertisers’ ads appear on them.

A list of May articles about students can be found below the names.

Student Names on The LoJo in May 2017

Mya Aaron, Carylyn Abney, Kristen Danielle Abney, Matthew Abney, MAdrian Brown, Ariena Khader Al Nimri, Cherokee Anderson, Victoria Albertson, Hannah Alford, Joshua Allen, Lauren Elizabeth Allen, Sarianna Allen, Savannah Cheyenne Allen, Wesley Ammons, Alyssa Anderson, Cheyenne Anderson, Emily Suzanne Anderson, Jimmy Anderson, Peyton Appling, Gracie Ardery, Camila Arevalo, Montana Marie Armstrong, Christian Arnold, Joni Michaela Arnold, Krysta Arnold, Luke Arnold, Autumn Ashby, Abigail Atkinson, Ali Atkinson, Clayton Atkinson, Nathaniel Atkinson, Jordan Baer, Seth Bagby, Candace Baker, Caroline Baker, Cole Baker, Eli Baker, Isabel Baker, Zach Baker, Page Baldwin, Sydney Baldwin, Destaini Ballard, Braxton Baptiste, Demanuel Barbee, Nicholas Lee Barker, Breanna Michelle Barnes, Chaney Barrow;

Crandal Barrow, Macon Barrow, Lane Austin Barry, Trace Baskerville, Zach Baskerville, Jaclyn Batchelor, Lauren Batten, Aaron Chase Baugh, Fayden Beadnell, Devon (D.J.) Beard. Graciann Beard, Stacy Devon Beard, Zoe Beasley, Austin Beaty, Sierra Beaty, Devin Bedwell, Haley Belcher, Jamasyn Belcher, Luke Alan Belcher, Ryan Belcher, Gracie Belew, Third Bell, Brianna Bellamy, Nicole Bellamy, Seth Bessinger, Lily Bibb, Taylor Danielle Bibb, Jayla Bigbee, Calloway Bills, Kaylik Bilyeu, Thomas Bilyeu, ;  

Blayke Bingham, Will Bingham, Conner Binkley, Bailey Bird, MaTeah Black, Tammy Black, Martin Lewis Blake, Randi Renea Blake, Tristan Blake, Nicholas Connor Blakemore, Hayden Blick, Jordan Blick, Sydno Blick, Jenna Blythe, Johna Blythe, Allie Bobbett, Trey Bodes, Ter’Vareus Boens, Isaiah Boisseau, Rilee Boisseau, Malea Boggess, Jessi Bogle, Kaleb Lynn Boisseau, Tyler Boley, Bryce Bollenbecker, Brayden Bond, Clara Bond, K.C. Bond, Trevin Bond, Dana Boone, Sharaya Booze, Bailey Borders, Bethany Borders, Gracie Borders, Taylor Borders, Ann-Meguiar Bouldin, Jayden Bowersock, Kaden Boyd, Latavia Boyd,  Bonnie Boylan, Connie Boylan, Ronnie Boylan, Joshua Bracken, Courtney Brooke Bradley, Carson Bradley’

Pedro Bradshaw, Bryanna Faith Brady, Katherine Bratcher, Noah Bray, Parker Bray, Ava Jae Brewer, Lindsey Brinkley, Zach Brinkley, Aaliyah Brooks, Brianna Brooks, Katie Brooks, Blake Brogan, Adrian Brown, Alex Brown, Blaine Brown, James Andru Brown, Hannah Brown, Laura Brown, Luke Brown, McKenzie Brown, Nariah Brown, Noah Brown, Paige Brown, Praiden Brown, Ryan Brown, Sam Brown, Rainbow Browning, William Austin Bruce, Candace Michelle Brumfield, Carli Jo Bruner, Eli Bryant, Shannon Michelle Bryant, Dallas Buchanan, Hunter Buchanan, Jesse Buchanon, Jonathan Michael Buchanan, John Buck, Rose Buettner, Lily Buffa, Cole Bunting, Cameron Burchett, Landon Burchett, Ella Burgess, Hailey Burgess, Maddie Burgess, Jacob Ian Burton, Callie Butler, Harper Butler, Jacob Burton, Hunter Bush, Robert Camp, Caleb Campbell;

Jackson Campbell, Evan Campbell, Jailyn Campbell, Kennedy Campbell, Ashley Cancino, Abby Canler, Ashlynn Canler, Karlee Canler, Ronald Shawn Canler, Kurstin Elizabeth Cardwell, Alexis Carnal, Zander Carnal, David Carneal, Devin Matthew Carney, Haley Carpenter, Amber Carroll, Jaxon Carter, John David Casey, Hope Emma Cassetty, Mattie Cassetty, Natalie Cates, Nathan Cates, Alexis Caudill, Cole Celsor, John Dawson Celsor, Whitney Celsor, Devin Lee Center, John Chandler, Ethan Chastain, Chaun Cheaney, Loreal Cheaney, Carol Renee Cherry, Tristen Alexandra Chesnut, Corbin Chick, Peyton Chick, Grace Christian, Amariah Christie, Cecily Christie, Brennan Christmas, Cody Christmas, Jillian Christmas, Katlee Christmas, Blake Clark, Josh Clark, Ka’lin Clark, Will Scott Clark, Sydnee Jade Claypool, Charles Michael Clayton, Jamaris Malik Clayton, Jarrett Clayton,  Justice Clayton, Chelsea Clinard, Caleb Cline, Maggie Cockrell, Nicholas Coghill, Dustin Keith Coker, Danielle Coldicott, Ashtyn Cole, Leslie Cole, David Coleman, James Coles, Jenna Coles, Penelope Coles;

Amiyah Collier, Kelsey Lynnette Collings, Cierra Collins, Colby Collins, Hailey Collins, Jessie Collins, Kristen Collins, Colton Coomer, William Thomas Cooper, LeeAnn Coots, Taylor Corbin, Bruce Leeland Cornett, Zachariah Cornett, Kadyn Costello, Keira Costello, Lexi Cothern, Austin Coursey, Kamden Coursey, Neil Coursey, Reagan Coursey, Ross Coursey, Talen Coursey, Aidan Micheal Cousineau, Gage Cousineau, Carley Covington, Carter Covington, Conner Covington, Payton Covington, Ella Cowherd, John Craig, Nathanial Garrick Craig, Owen Craig, Brianna Crafton, Faith Crafton, Paloma Crafton, Mollie Crawford, Savanna Crawford, Schon Crawford, Izabella Grace Cron, Chase Cropper, Haley Cropper, Julie Cropper, Steven Cropper, Brea Croslin, Andrew Cross, Heath Cross, Jace Cross, Alexander Stone Crowder, Cole Crawford, McKall Creek, Landon Crocker, Michael Cropper, Brea Croslin, Kenzie Cross, Shelby Cross, Katie Crump, Amanda Crutchfield, Hannah Crutchfield, Anabel Cruz, Olivia Cudd, Addi Cundiff, Samuel Cundiff, Blake Cutherson, Robert Dancer, Destiny Daniels;

Caroline Davenport, Luke Davenport, Carleigh Davenport, McKenzie Davenport, Alexis Davis, Colene Day, Makayla Davis, Ryanna Day, Claire Dayton, Titiana Day, Navaeh Hope DeArnond, Samantha Lynn Dearing, Korbin DeBerry, Zachary Reed Decker, Kendal Deen, Zak Delrosal, Trenton Sadeth Demarrias, Michaela Rose Denning, Hayden Dennison, Darla Densel, Rachel Dezarn, Angelica Diaz, Madelyn Dillihay, Ava Dill, Conner Dill, Joseph Dilliha, Ally Dotson, Carla Hope Dodson, David Dodson, Devin Dodson, Hayley Dotson, Lyndsay Dodson, Kaylob Joshua Dones, Briana Nicole Marie Dotson, Danny Dotson, Jaycee Kine Douglas, Mykala Madeline Douglas, Taylor Marie Douglas, Calie Shianne Dowell, Katie Dowell, Kieran Dowell, Anastasia Dowlen, Toni Jewelnia Dowlen, Zach Dowlen, Kaleb Dozier, Tristan Dale Dozier, Alexis Drake, Johnny Drumgole, Maggie Dukes, Trynity Dukes, Brooklyn Owen Dulworth, Cody Lee Dulworth, Ilana Duncan, Jordan Duncan, Katelynn Dunkley, Anthony Spencer Dunn, Andrews Dupree, Jaden Durham, Mikayla Duvall, Zach Dye;

Matthew Edgar, Kendall Edmonds, Casey Lee Edwards, Lillianne Elam, Austin Elamon, Ela Elder, Emma Elder, Chevis Elliott, Haley Elliott, Karlee Elrod, Erin Embry, Brayden Engler, Courtney Engler, Courtney English, Austin Epley, Caitlyn Epley, Ezekiel Epley, Nora Epley, Tristan Erby, Brianna Etheridge, Shelby Grace Neill Evans, Joshua Michael Eversole, Aspen Ezell, Skyler Ezell, Tyler Ezell, Brendan Farlee, Olivia Alexandria Farmer, Bridgett Farmer, Chloe Farmer, Irelynne Farmer, Cassidy Farwick, Trenton Fears, Kaleb Ferguson, Elizabeth Fisher, Kristen Brooke Fisher, Katie Lynn Fitzgerald, Zachary Neal Fitzpatrick, Kaitlyn Flatt, Nicholas Peyton Flick, Abby-Grace Forbes, Elijah Daniel Forbess, Bryson Jordan Keith Hyans, Bryson Chase Fluty, Andrew Ford, Kerstein Forshee, Kaitlyn Foster;

Colby Foster, Mason Freeman, Onahka Fuller, Emerald Fulmer, Addyson McKenzie Gainous, Alexander Gallo, Annila Garcia, Bryant Garcia, Lorenzo Garcia, Matthew Garner, Alyssa Garrett, Rachel Garrett, Elijah Garza, Ashton George, Maddie George, Shelby Gettings, Ashlee Gilbert, Tara Gilbert, Sarah Gill, Caslyn May Gilstrap, Logan Gipson, Chandler Givens, Chase Givens, Carrie Gloyd, Gunnar Nathaniel Gloyd, Elliott Gomez, Isa Soto Gomez, Brando Gonyo, Martin Good, Peyton Maria Goodhue, Nicholas Wayne Goodnight, Carly Goodwin, Matthew Lars Goodwin, Haley Dakota Gordon, Maurice Gordon, Addi Gorrell, Connor Gorrell, Landyn Gorrell,  Rileigh Gossett, Christopher Gouy, Jacorian Grady, James Caidon Graham, John Graham, Takiyrah Graham, Matthew Justin Granda, George Graves, Henry Graves, Connor Jesse Gray, Michele Gray, Taryn Gray, Tiffany Gray;

James Shelton Greene, Austin Dakota Gregory, Cooper Gregory, Jacob Gregory, James Gregory, Benjamin Guffey, Gracie Guffey, Hannah Guffey, Carolina Gwynette, Emma Grace Gwynette, Taylor Gwynette, Jacob Haas, Hunter Hadden, Lucas Hadden, Chelcie Hagan, Eliza Hagens, Ethan Haley, Madison Haley, Paige Haley, Jade Hakes, Skylar Hale, Tristan Hales, Austin Haley, Jacob Haley, Maciah Haley, Taylor Haley, Connor Hall, Jordan Hall, Alton Hallman, Haley Hallman, Jamie Nicole Hallman, Katelynn Hallums, Henry Ham, Campbell Hamilton, Jackson Hampton, Tajada Hampton, Tonisha Hampton, Chloe Hance, Haley Hardesty, Dakota Lee Hardin, Sierra Nichole Hamblen, Tony Keith Hampton, Carly Hankins, Celsey Hankins, Buck Hardin, Madison Hardin, Naiya Harding, Alyssa Hardison, Caitlin Nichole Hardison, (Caleb Hardison (LCHS), Caleb Hardison (RHS);

Kaleb Hardison, Shelby Hardison, Gary Hardy, Keyleigh Harlan, Chloe Harper, Pressley Harris, Brooklyn Haskins, Kenzie Hayes, Noah Thomas Hayes, Tyler Hardison, Jayden Hayes, Samuel Hayes, Savannah Hayes, Rebecca Lorraine Haynes, Caleb Jordan Head, Laura Lynn Head, Dylan Chase Hearld, Taylor Heath, Abigail Henderson, Josh Henderson, John Hendricks, Dakota Henley,  Promisse Helms, Jeremy Dean Heltsley, Kela Heltsley, Dalton Edwin Henderson, Gracie Tyra Henderson, Addison Hendley, Jaxon Hendrix, Lucas Henley, Sammy Henley, Amber Hershberger, Courtney Hershberger, Angela Joanne Hess, Leland Hesson, Trevor Hesson, Diedre Hester, Allyssa Hewiit, Joshua Hicks, John Higgins, Susannah Higgins, Destiny Higgins, John Edward Higgins;

Kameron Higgins, Raleigh Hightower, Samuel Hightower, Christian Hines, Jessica Hines, Jordan Hines, Laren Hines, Macaria Hines, Macarius Hines, Monica Hines, Aaron Presley Hinton, Abby Hinton, Nicholas Ryan Hinton, Rylee Hobbs, Erin Hochstetler, Nathan Holland, Blaine Holley, Katie Ray Holloman, Faith Holloway, Jessica Holloway, Kaydance Holloway, Kinley Holloway, Landree Cate Holloway, Hannah Holman, Mckayla Brook Holman, Blake Hood, Laynie Hood, Alyssa Hoots, Zoe Hoots, Blake Hopkins, Dixie Hopkins, Sawyer Hopkins,  Michael Blake Hopkins, Nicole Horton, Taylor Emily Horton, Delcie Houchens, Jonathan Ray Houchens, Ty Lane Houchin, Sarah Howard, Ethan Hudson, Kassidy Hudson, Zachary Hudson, Aidan Hughes, Addison Hughes, Alex Hughes, Brennan Hughes, Evan Hughes, Katreese Tate Hughes, Kayla Denise Hughes, Landrie Hughes, Madelyn Hughes, Maria Hughes, Reese Hughes, Deanna Hulse, Devin Hulse, Evan Humphrey, Graham Humphrey, Ti’Jara Hun,  Colton Hunt, Kellie Hunt, Stephen Patric Hunter, Kayley Hurt, Preston Hurt, Alyssa Hutchison,  McKayla Tekoa Hutchison, Evan Keith Hyams, Jordan Hyams, Madison Hyams, Jacquelynn Renea Hyde;

Bryan Ison, Ashton Jackson, Emma Jackson, Jacob Jackson, Noah Jackson, Alyssa Jaggers, Clayton Jameson, Emma Jenkins, Abigail Johnson, Brooke Johnson, Cade Johnson, Chelsea Lynn Johnson, Destiny Johnson, Jonathan Johnson, Kaylen Johnson, Kirsten Johnson, Kristin Johnson, Lori Johnson, Luke Johnson, Meredith Johnson, Shauna Johnson, Carl Jones, Meckenzie Jones, M.J. Jones, Parker Jones, Paul Jones, Kaleb Justice, Rebecca Justice, Carson Kash, Thomas Kash, Andy Katz, Ladarius Quashon Kees, Shon Kees, Madison Keezel, Caroline Kelley, Kolton Kelley, Mikayla Kelley, Erin Kemp, Quentin Isac Kemp, McKenzie Revae Kempf, Carson Kennner, Jaxon Kenner, Rosie Kerchenski, Chelsea Kerr, Kenyon Kerr, Kobe Kerr, Trenton Kie, Garrett Mason Kimmel, Jackson Kinser, Kody Kirby, Matthew Hunter Kitchens, Brett Knifely, Alisa Knight, Billy Knight, Shelby Knight, Jacob Wyatt Knuckles, Jessie Brooke Knuckles, Leanna Kodiak;

Karyn Kutzman, Nicholas Dalton Lacy, Sierra Lamb, Austin Reese Lance, Will Landaverde, Landon Robert Larson, Brielle Latham, Draven Latham, Kylie LaPack,  Kaleigh Laurent, Zoe Beth Law, Hannah Lawrence, McKayla Lawrence, Landrie Lawson, William Riley Lawson, Sydney Lee, Carly Lear, Destiny Shanell Leblanc, Kadie Lee, Sydney Lee, Annalee Leeman, Morgan Marie Lenker, Alex Lemons, Mollie Lewis, Rachel Lewis, September Lewis, Linvia Lingerfelt, Thomas Lockhart, Chelsea Logan, Rachel Logan, Logan Long, T.K. Long, Nick Lovitt, Philip Lowe, Ethan Lowery, Brandon Lucey, Lena Luger, Andrew Lyne, Thomas Lyne, Erica Lyons, Olivia Grace Lyons, Kaylea Major, Lindsey Michelle Malott, Reanna Maness, Haley LeeAnn Manning,  Lydia Manley, Austin Ray Manning, Tyler Manning, Lauren Madison Marcum, Cody Markland, Katelyn Markland, Andrew Lei-shawn Martin, Dometria Martin, Maddie Martin, Deshawn Mason, Jacolbie Mason;

Chris Matthews, Trenton Matthews, Zach Matthews, Jason Mautz, Cara Sue Mayes, McKenna Mayhew, Mary Mayhugh, Madison McCall, Brook McCubbins, Allison McDaniel, Mallory McGee, Hunter McGhee, Elizabeth McGinnis, Hannah McGinnis, Theresa McGinniss, Anddreka Leigh McGuire, Taylor McGuire, Ezra McIntosh, Landon Skyler McIntosh, Brendan McKinnis, Tate McLean, Brady McLellan, Jillian McLellan, Joshua Lee McKinney, Ireland McKinnis, Emerson McKinnis, Ethan McMurray, Joshua McMurry, Lexus McMurray, Jaylyn McMurry, Jamie McPherson, Kaylee McPherson, Emma McReynolds, Hayden Meacham, Macy Meacham;

Braxton Meguiar, Sage Meguiar, David Melchor-Perez, Cole Mercer, Preston Merklin, TiMya Merrell, Selyna Metcalfe, Siera Metcalfe, Jalah Melton, Brianna Meyer, Andrew Milam, Zach Milam, Shailyn Milan, Abi Miller, Catherine Miller, Emily Paige Miller, Kailyn Cierra Miller, Katelyn Miller, Kayden Miller, Kelly Miller, Jack Mills, Zhane Mister, Lindy Mitchell, Alexis Leah Moneypenny, Hunter Moneypenny, Sara Montgomery, Angus Moore, Dylan Keith Moore, Ella Moore, Jacob Moore, Kailee Moore, Kaitlynn Moore, Olivia Moore, Lindsey Morgan, Shelby Morning, Taylor Dean Morgan, Jade Morris, Joceylynn Morris, Jordan Morris, Kaitlyn Morrris, David Anton Morrow, Madison Morrow, Makiyah Morrow, Takyah Morrow, Katelyn Mosley, Noah Mosley, Sadie Nocole Mosley, Brexley Moss, Denton Motsinger, Dylan Moulton, Laura Mullen, Cameron Munday;

John Carter Myers, Kameron Myers, Destiney Marie Nalley, Cheyenne Nash, Dalton Nash, Jacob Sterling Nations, Jacob Naylor, Micah Naylor, Brayden Nealy, Lily Newman, Ariana Nickell, Kennedy Nichols, Sam Noe, Keidarious Norris, Darin Obenchain, Sharyla Jordan Oberhausen, Dakota O’Dell, Katlyn Jean Odle;Nate Offutt, Emily Oliver, Jonah Alexander Oliver, Jacob Orndorff, Lydia Owens, Alexis Pacheco-Ramirez, Lilibeth Pacheo, Tony Pacheco-Ramirez, Kaylin Page;

John Mark Page, Micah Page, Carson Parker, Macy Lynn Parker, Mason James Parker, Adam Lee Parnell, Elias Parsons, CaitLynn Patton, Jasmine Patel, Katie Paul, Ashton Payne, Bethany Pearson, Samuel Pearson, Nathan Cody Pendergrass, Logan Pendleton, Dylan Penick, Kaelyn Perdue, Mariah Perdue, Alexis Jenice Perez, Quincy Perez, Tatyana Peterson, Calista Petrie, Nathaniel Petrie, Bailey Pfistner, Elizabeth Phelps, Hadley Phillips, Joanna Phillips, Bryanna Piper, Ashley Pitts, Joshua Lane Pitts, Linnea Pitts, Lauren Pitts, Rachel Pitts, Hannah Polacheck, Megann Michelle Polston, Dakota Shawn Poole, Cole Poore, Destiny Porter;

Dillon Porter, Logan Porter, Lola Porter, Isaac Price, Kathryn Powell, Nicolas Ryan Powell, Tristin Amber Powell, D.J. Price, Edward Clendenon Price, Hannan Price, Hope Ann Price, Isiaha Price, Jesse Price, Kaylee Nicole Price, Emma Prince, Kellie Proctor, Brandon Ray Pugh, Dillin Pursley, Julie Rager, Kyley Rager, Anna Ragland, Caleb Rainwaters, Diego Ramirez, Magdalena Ramirez, Brooklyn Ray, Mercedes Leann Ray, Taylor Malynn Ray, Austin Rayno, Ryleigh Rayno, Casey Victoria Reagin, Abby Reader, Mattison Reeder, Addison Reeves, Madeline Reno, Meleea Reno, Grace Richardson, Steven Richardson, Nicholas Rice, Emily Richey, Colton Richmond, Kendall Rigsby, Courtney Paige Rimer, Conner Donati Roberts, Kacy Marie Roberts, Madisyn Roberts, Matthew Robertson, Harley Robertson, Mallory Robertson, Hayden Rohrer, Hallie Roberts, Kayleigh Renee Robertson;

Jessalyn Robey, Ethan Robey, Javaren Robey, Briley Robinson, Tanner Robinson, Devin Roche, Angela Gain Rodriguez, Catline Nicole Rogers, Dawson Rogers, Heavyn Rogers, Kailey Rogers, Maria Rogers, Trace Rogers, Dztany Rose, Madison Rose, Ashton Ross, Brett Thomas Scott Ross, Caitlyn Ross, Parker Ross, Sydda-lee Ross, Amy Rosser, Caitlin Ross, Dalton Rosser, David Wayne Rosser, Kameron Rosser, Sheridan Rosser, Kailyn Rouse, William Bailey Rouse, Maria Ruiz, Stuart Russell, Jackson Rust, Noah Rust, Mecia Ryan, Elizabeth Sandlin, Allie Sanford, Bailey Sanford, Maddox Saul, Rian Saul, Abby Saunders, Connor Saylor, Hunter Scarbrough, Emmitt Schoonover, Jeffrey Schrock, Audrey Scott, Brianna Scott, Elizabeth Scott, Trevor Scott, Corbin Scruggs, Morgan Scruggs, Brayden Seabolt, Cayden Seabolt, Jarrett Sears, Nevaeh Seawright, Erica Sells, Jaden Sells, Ethan Alexzandr Settle, Jonathan Sharp, Ayrial Monique Shelton, Hanna Elaine Shelton, Kalee Ann Shelton, Briley Shemell, Piper Shepherd, Tristan Shimp, Bethany Lynne Shoemake;

John Michael Shoemake, Mallory Shoemake, Tyler Cole Shoemake, Will Shoemake, Anna Shoulders, Chloe Shumate, Colin Siletchnik, Anna Silvey, Chandler Silvey, Kaylee Silvey, Nicole Silvy, Alan Jacob Simmons, Charles Wilford Simmons, Madison Leigh Simmons, Aidan Simpson, Hayden Sisk, Kendall Sisk, Madison Sisk, Daysha Michelle Sitzman, Elsie Alanna Skipworth, Kaylen Skipworth, Luke Skipworth, Robert Skipworth, Benjamin Slack, Deanna Slagle, Keton Slaughter, Cailtlyn Smith, Candace Smith, Carleigh Smith, Carter Smith, Jeremiah Smith, Ethan Smock, Timothy Smotherman, Tosha Smotherman, Gracie Snoddy, Christian Enrich Snyder, Monserrat Morales Solis, Mary Siddalee Sowell, Carter Spivey, Woodrow Albert Stamps, Isaac Stanley, Emily Stapleton, Britney Starks, Robert Spencer Statton, Dalton Steenbergen;

Zoe Steenbergen, Megan Nichole Stevenson, Mariah Steward, Alieyha Stewart, Alexis Stone, Denise Stovall, Keaundrea Stovall, Ma’Leigha Chere Nicole Stovall, Jason Stovall, Ma’Leigha Stovall, Delana Brooke Stradtner, Carlie Stratton, Holden Stratton, Kassie Stratton, Rafe Stratton, Lily St. Regis, Chance Sweeney, Alescia Marie Swinson, Destiny Sydnor, Jasmine Sydnor, Javan Sydnor, Nicilan Sydnor, Greyson Sykes, Grace Tabor, Lindsey Tanner, Allison Tatum, Ashley Taylor, Autumn Taylor, Blake Taylor, Bradley Taylor, Colton Taylor, Dalton Taylor, Donovan Taylor, Jonathon Taylor, Kailey Taylor, Mary Corinne Taylor, Matthew Taylor, Peyton Taylor, Rachel Taylor, Richard Taylor, Dekamren Terry, Kobe Jordan Terry, Alli Thomas, Brett Anthony Thomas, Dillshia Thomas, Dusty Thomas, Hannah Thomas, Robert Bryan Thomas, Ruthie Thomas, Summer Thomas, Aidan Thomason, Katlyn Thompson, Phillip Thompson, Preston Thompson, Riley Thompson, Paige Thorpe;

Lexi Thurston, Peyton Thurston, Clark Timmons, Jaquis Todd, Joshua Todd, Aaliyah Townsend, Cassandra Marie Townsend, Taniyah Townsend, Emma Trent, Peyton Thurston, Ashlynn Tracey, MyDuyen Tran, Janie Elizabeth Tyler, Candice Leann Tyndall, Keenan Uhles, Ashlyn Taylor Underwood, Brooklyn Utley, Dakota Utley, Joseph Lynn Vancleave, Sok Vanna, Shane Vannice, Jaime Vargas, Israel Ruben Vasquez, Ruth Vasques, Sabrina Rae Vaughn, Price Violette, Tripp Wadlington, Daniel Walker, E.J. Walker, James Edwin Walker, Kade Wall, Koby Wall, Alex Walpole, Taylor Ward, Brooklym Warren, Cassidy Leigh Warren, Jordan Warren, McKenna Warren, Alexis Watkins, Caitlin Watkins, Colton Watkins, Fraley Watkins, Milam Watkins, Colton Smith Watkins, Alaina Watts, Tyler Webster, Rebecca Leeann Weir, Landon Wellman, Aubrie Rachelle Wells, Jamie Wells, Jolonda Wells, Victoria Lynn Welsh, Brandon Austin West, Dru West, Ashlynn Wetton, Gracie Wharton, Madelyn Wharton, James Wheeler, Johnathon Wheeler;

Addie White, Chase White, Clacy White, Colton White; Coleman White, Ethan White, Jacob White, Kallie Brooke White, Chloe Whitescarver, Haley Whitler, Jolana Whitney, Makayla Joshua Alexis Whittemore, Thomas Whittemore, Makayla Whttinghill, Mallory Whitson, Michael Whittaker, John Alexander Whittinghill, Jaden Wilford, Jennifer Wilkerson, Jose Wilkerson,  Phillip Wilkerson, Lucy Wilkinson, Colby Williams, Colin Williams, Erik Williams, Kendall Williams, Kyran Williams, Samantha Williams, Tristan Williams, Logan Williamson, Alexis Wilson, Brett Ryan Wilson, Claire Wilson, Micah Richard Windhaus, Blake Wood, David Ryan Wood, Haleigh Wood, Autumn Woodall, Anthony Woodard, Dre Woodard, Jordan Woodard, Nick Wooden, Jalen Roshawn Woodward, Katherine Woodward, Mya Woodward, Abbagail Nicole Wooldridge, Michelle Woolsey, Abby Wright, Adelyn Wright, Arika Wright, Bailey Wright, Hunter Todd Wright, Jack Wright, Jaleaha Wright, Kaylee Wright, Miranda Wright, Sara Celeste Wright, Sean Tayler Wright, Mark Anthony Wynn, Mark Wynn, Brayden Yates, Davin Yates, Ryan Michael Yates, Zach Yates, Cameron Austin Yoder, John Austin York, Ashley Young, Courtney Young, Hailey Young, Tyroyce Young


Articles with Students’ Names

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Beard and Wright lead Cougars to 13-0 shutout of Todd in district http://theloganjournal.com/Stories.aspx?Article=sports970  

Both RHS track teams finish third in region http://theloganjournal.com/Stories.aspx?Article=sports968

Lady Panthers make softball hits count http://theloganjournal.com/Stories.aspx?Article=sports967

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RHS sending 19 players to archery national



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LCHS Governor’s Scholars involved in variety of activities http://theloganjournal.com/Stories.aspx?Article=features597

Outgoing Logan FFA officers install their successors


RHS teachers present Panther Choice Awards http://theloganjournal.com/Stories.aspx?Article=features595


Young Farmer Scholarships awarded to Price and Milam http://theloganjournal.com/Stories.aspx?Article=guests466  

Russellville musical groups present concerts http://theloganjournal.com/Stories.aspx?Article=guests465

Lt. Gov. Hampton spends morning with students at RHS http://theloganjournal.com/Stories.aspx?Article=guests459

Final Little Panther Academy session held for school year http://theloganjournal.com/Stories.aspx?Article=guests458


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